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Hasan slams racist Twitch emote spammers

Hasan "Hasanabi" Piker recently took aim at content creators that allow racist emote spammers to proliferate the toxic chat culture on Twitch.
Hasan slams racist Twitch emote spammers

Political Twitch streamer Hasan "Hasanabi" Piker recently criticised content creators on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, claiming that they should do better than to harbour racist viewers and allow them to spam emotes with racial undertones in their chat. In particular, the Twitch star singled out the use of the "Trihard" emote, which he claims is predominantly used by racist emote spammers to mock black people.

Hasan claims Trihard emote is used to mock black people

On 22nd December, speaking broadly to content creators, Hasan addressed the use of the Trihard emote by racist emote spammers on Twitch. "Some of you content creators on the platform have stopped saying the R-word. I respect that; that's great."

"You recognise how your actions come across. You recognise the responsibility that you have, and that's great."

Hasan continued to add, "Are you going to stop spamming Trihard? Because if you recognise the C-word is creating an unsafe space for white people, [then] how do you think black people feel when you f*cking spam Trihard every time you see a black person on stream."

"How do you think black people and black content creators feel when you make a mockery of that sh*t?" the Twitch star concluded.

Many users on Reddit seem to agree with Hasan's take on the matter; however, some users claim that most emotes are used in a racist manner. "Just about every race and class has an emote to go along with it," said one Redditor.

Hasan Piker slams Twitch users that spam "racist" Trihard emote.
Hasan Piker slams Twitch users that spam "racist" Trihard emote. (Picture: Twitch / Hasanabi)

"He's absolutely right about this no matter how dumb I think his take on cr*cker not being a racial slur to casually refer to all white people is," said another user on Reddit. "Trihard's always been used for that sh*t, and everyone knows it."

"Don't remind me of Trihard during the start of BLM. I thought Twitch was just going to get rid of the emote at that point because it was used for so much racist sh*t," said a third user.

trihex trihard emote used by racist emote spammers
TriHex's Trihard emote is being used by racist emote spammers. (Picture: TriHex / YouTube)

Hasan has been hypercritical of Twitch after they banned him for the use of the term "cracker," a topic that triggered a heated debate online. In his defence, Hasan claimed that the word "cracker" lacked the same sociological impact as the N-word; however, many members of the Twitch community disagreed.

Regardless of how you feel about Hasan's take on the word "cracker," he certainly makes a good point about toxic chat culture, and many Reddit users also seem to agree. So let us know what you think by commenting on our socials.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Hasan Piker.