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Is Twitch down? The streaming platform suffers complete shut down

Users reported being unable to load streams on Twitch this 7th January, the platform later confirmed they were experiencing errors and are working on fixing them.
Streaming platform Twitch has been a constant pain for broadcasters and users the last few weeks as the site has seemingly become less stable. Now, on 7th January, Twitch is down once again worldwide.

Is Twitch down? 

"We are investigating an issue causing various features on Twitch not to load. Stay tuned!" was the responde Twitch posted via Twitter.
Users have taken issue with Twitch, with esports insider Rod "Slasher" Breslau, mocking the constant interruptions the platform's site has had lately.

"If only a small indie company like Amazon's Twitch could keep its servers working."twitch down
(Picture: Twitch)

As of this moment, users can't access the list of following channels, tune in to any stream, and search the directory for new streams. So basically, the site is completely useless.

twitch down
(Picture: Twitch)

We'll keep you updated as soon as the issues are fixed.