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Jake Paul teases Twitch streaming but fans disapprove

YouTube star, Jake Paul, may switch to Twitch after he teased that he wants to start streaming but his fans seemingly disapproved in a Twitter poll he posted recently.
Jake Paul teases Twitch streaming but fans disapprove
Jake Paul is a popular figure on YouTube and has built a remarkable career in boxing for himself as well. While he has also been in hot water regarding more contentious matters, including sexual assault allegations and being arrested for criminal trespassing, he has tried to keep his nose clean.

The YouTube and boxing star has a large presence across several social media channels, including Instagram and Twitter. He now also recently teased that he is thinking about streaming and it appears as though he may do this on Twitch.

Jake Paul teases Twitch streaming over YouTube

On August 4th, Jake Paul asked his Twitter followers if he should start streaming. In the picture he posted, he boasted what looks like a decent setup for streaming.

From the photo in the tweet, it also looked as though Jake was browsing the "Just Chatting" section of Twitch would hint at a potential streaming platform switch from his famed roots on YouTube.

jake paul
Jake Paul (Picture: Twitter)

It's hard to say what type of content Jake is planning on streaming but some fans are hoping that it could be boxing related. "Honestly yeah you should start streaming talking about fights and just chilling and clowning", a user on Twitter commented.

jake paul ben askren boxing cruiserweight triller fight club
Jake Paul defeats Ben Askren (Picture: Al Bello via Getty Images / The Guardian)

Jake followed the post with a poll and fans seemingly disapproved, although the majority of his followers (i.e. 53% or 19,506 people) voted that he should not start streaming.

Many of the fans that voted "No" expressed that Jake should focus on his boxing career. "Nah bro, you gotta focus on the boxing. Can’t let yourself slip up bro", a Twitter user commented.

Other fans offered more balanced feedback, saying: "If u can focus on boxing with a little bit of streaming, then it's ok, it will help u develop your personality and probably improve your image", someone commented on Twitter.

logan paul twitch loganpaulwastaken streaming jake paul twitch
Logan Paul on Twitch (Picture: Twitter / Logan Paul)

His brother, Logan Paul, previously found great success streaming on Twitch and garnered 200,000 followers after just 1 day of streaming Fortnite. Despite not streaming for over 2 years, Logan's Twitch channel still has nearly 800,000 followers.

To be fair, the ratio is not overwhelmingly against him streaming on Twitch so we'll have to wait to see what Jake plans to do.

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Header image via Jake Paul / YouTube.