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Mitch Jones Exposes Mizkif In Adrianah Lee & CrazySlick Sexual Assault Drama

Twitch streamer Mitch Jones shed light on Mizkif and Maya's alleged role in the unfolding CrazySlick and Adrianah Lee's sexual assault drama.
Mitch Jones Exposes Mizkif In Adrianah Lee & CrazySlick Sexual Assault Drama

Twitch is currently embroiled in controversy as new drama linked to allegations of sexual assault and harassment by CrazySlick against streamer Adrianah Lee begin to resurface. Most notably, One True King (OTK) co-founder Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo and his former-girlfriend Maya Higa have been accused of covering up the CrazySlick scandal.

In the crossfire of controversy, Mitch Jones recently opened up about his experience on 22nd September 2022 during a Twitch Livestream. During the stream, he expanded on the allegations and happenings from last year, when Novaruu exposed CrazySlick's drunken inappropriate sexual advances with Adrianah Lee.

Accordingly, Mitch Jones exposed Mizkif’s true intentions and the gaslighting that happened when he, Maya, and others visited Adrianah Lee’s home, all to “downplay” the allegations. Mitch also revealed that Adrianah Lee felt “suicidal,” ostracized, and scared to speak despite being the victim during these difficult times.

Mitch Jones Exposes Mizkif, Says He “Downplayed” Sexual Assault Allegations

twitch streamer mitch jones expose mizkif maya higa crazyslick
Twitch streamer Mitch Jones recently shared his take on the Mizkif, Maya Higa, and CrazySlick drama. (Picture: Twitch / Mitch Jones)

The controversy initially surfaced after Adrianah Lee posted a Twitlonger on 6th July 2021 about being sexually assaulted by CrazySlick. While she made it clear in the Tweet that CrazySlick “did not r*pe [her] or assault [her],” she expressed that he did “make [her feel] uncomfortable.”

While Mitch Jones, a Twitch streamer that’s been a part of the controversy and their friend group, later revealed that Mizkif and Maya watered down Adrianah Lee’s allegations to avoid CrazySlick being reprimanded and canceled, it didn’t initially capture the public eye.

Instead, it was only when Twitch streamer Tyler "Trainwreck" Nicknam called out Mizkif on 19th September 2022 that things began to unravel. "Are you going to send Maya and Mitch to railroad and blackmail me like you did those girls to cover up all those sexual assaults, you f*cking scum bag piece of sh*t," Trainwreck said on Twitter.

mitch jones mizkif orchestrated confrontation adrianah lee downplay sexual assault
Mitch Jones stated that Mizkif orchestrated a confrontation with Adrianah Lee to "downplay" the sexual assault. (Picture: Instagram / Mizkif)

Following the drama's resurfacing, Mitch Jones expanded on Mizkif’s motives in a more recent Twitch Livestream on 23rd September 2022, detailing how Mizkif allegedly “downplayed” Adrianah Lee’s allegations of being sexually assaulted by CrazySlick.

Mitch explained that he was a bystander amid the drama and was close friends with Adrianah Lee, initially helping to connect her with Trainwreck. Furthermore, he revealed that it was only after Novaruu publicly addressed CrazySlick's sexual assault on Adrianah Lee without her consent that Adrianah was compelled to post a Twitlonger.

Mitch Jones further revealed that after the Twitlonger went live, Mizkif orchestrated a plan with everyone in the house to go to Adrianah Lee’s home and talk with her, all in the “best interests” of CrazySlick.

Mitch stated that Mizkif specifically told Maya before going to her house, “Maya, you are Maya Higa, you know who you are, you’re a woman. [Adrianah Lee] will listen to you.” In striking revelation, Mitch exposed Mizkif, stating that they went to Adrianah Lee’s home and “downplayed” the situation.

Despite revealing that Mizkif and Maya Higa gaslighted and watered down the truth, pushing Adrianah Lee to change her stance on the allegations, Mitch stated that Maya wanted to see her side of things and that he didn’t believe she could gaslight a sexually assaulted victim.

Mitch noted, “I know Maya very well. Maya wanted Adrianah’s side of the story. But do I think Maya is capable of gaslighting someone to downplay a sexual assault? No, I don’t think she’s capable of that.”

Adrianah was forced to dampen the truth about CrazySlick, despite multiple eyewitness accounts. According to Mitch, this was because Mizkif didn’t want CrazySlick, his best friend, to be exiled from their friend group and the internet.

Per Adrianah Lee's Twitlonger, she revealed that she was "very intoxicated and ended up blacked out" on the night of her alleged sexual assault. While she did end up hooking up with CrazySlick, she later passed out in one of the rooms.

However, CrazySlick would come into the room repeatedly and proceed to “touch [her] neck and chest [...] making sure [she] was alive.” This was despite being reassured by her friends that she was okay and being asked to leave the room.

Adrianah Lee “Suicidal” After Being “Blackballed” & Ostracized

mitch jones adrianah lee suicidal blackballed parties controversy
Mitch Jones claims Adrianah Lee felt "suicidal" after being "blackballed" amid the drama. (Picture: Instagram / Adrianah Lee)

After concluding that Mizkif and Maya both downplayed and gaslighted Adrianah Lee to lessen the blow of the allegations against CrazySlick, Mitch talked about the aftermath of the controversy. He explained that Adrianah Lee quickly became ostracized because she spoke out about her sexual assault and got “blackballed” from parties.

Mitch further noted that this caused Adrianah Lee to become “suicidal over all of this” controversy and stated that it was “very f*cked up.” He said all Adrianah Lee wanted was “justice” in “all angles of the [sexual assault and harassment allegations] being exposed for what it is.” Mitch revealed that she felt “as though she was downplayed in this scenario and scared to speak.” 

mitch jones adrianah lee victim sexual assault
Mitch Jones clarified that Adrianah Lee was a sexual assault and harassment victim. (Picture: Twitch via Adrianah Lee and CrazySlick)

As a last note, Mitch clarified that the controversy involving all parties shouldn’t be focused on “weaponizing” someone's experience of being sexually assaulted to attack and berate other people outside the involved parties and add more wood to the fire.

Instead, it is about the victim. More specifically, it is about Adrianah Lee coming forward and being heard for what she’s been sadly put through for the past year.

CrazySlick has since removed himself from social media. Subsequently, Mizkif has been placed on leave from his gaming organization, One True King, pending an investigation into the allegations by third-party sources.

We will endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram via Mizkif and Adrianah Lee and Twitch via Mitch Jones.