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MrChanChan issues apology to fish's family following Twitch ban

Twitch streamer MrChanChan was banned for an act of violence where he smashed a fish. Now, he has apologized to the fish's family as his ban continues.
MrChanChan issues apology to fish's family following Twitch ban

Twitch's terms of service (TOS) is against acts of violence. That's unfortunate for MrChanChan, a streamer from New Zealand who apparently broke this rule by smashing a fish he caught to death live on stream. Since 26th May 2021, MrChanChan has been banned on the streaming platform and has now opened up about the ordeal. He has taken to YouTube to apologize to the fish's family, hoping that his Twitch ban will be lifted.

MrChanChan Twitch ban and apology to fish

MrChanChan isn't a professional fisherman, but he did stream his fishing escapades on Twitch. 

After catching a fish, he realized it was so strong, and "didn't know how to handle it". He then proceeded to smash the fish to the ground while it was still hanging from the fishing line. 

This doesn't seem all too bad right? Considering you are killing fish anyway while fishing for food. Well, MrChanChan was handed a Twitch ban for this "act of violence".

mrchanchan banned twitch fish smashing apology family(Picture: MrChanChan)

Streaming on Twitch is MrChanChan's main source of income for himself and his family. After eating the fish he caught, he realized he was "being selfish".

MrChanChan took to YouTube to offer an apology to the fish's family, stating: "I care about my family, but not the family of the fish that I killed, and I ate. I mean, probably they want to kill me, right? So...I really want to say that I’m so sorry to the fish I killed and to their family."

MrChanChan didn't reveal how long his Twitch ban will last. At the time of writing, it has been just over three days.

While the fish's family probably isn't browsing YouTube (we can only assume) we do hope that MrChanChan isn't permanently banned. As he mentioned in his apology, Twitch is his main source of income.

Let's face it, smashing a fish you've already caught might not be the worst thing we've seen on Twitch lately...

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