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MsDirtyBird joins esports channel as host weeks after her cancer lies were exposed

Embattled Rocket League content creator, MsDirtyBird, continues to draw the ire of the community as she secured a brand new job as a host of an esports channel just weeks after she was exposed for faking a cancer diagnosis.
MsDirtyBird joins esports channel as host weeks after her cancer lies were exposed

Slips, a social betting website, has announced via their Twitter account on Friday that MsDirtyBird would be joining their weekly magazine show, Unscripted, as a host for season two. While this may be the start of an exciting chapter for the content creator, her past has been marred by a recent controversy that enraged the Rocket League/streaming community.

Slips is a platform for gamers, streamers and content creators, providing them with a platform to interact with friends and fellow streamers, issuing challenges and watching their streams live.


Public outcry goes unscripted

Msdirtybird signed as host
MsDirtyBird apologized for lying about her health condition. (Picture: MsDirtyBird)

Once the announcement was made official, MsDirtyBird took to Twitter to publicly apologise to the Rocket League community for her betrayal, the lies she spread, and the hurt caused by her actions.

She stated that what she did was wrong as she asks for “a second chance”, knowing she doesn’t deserve it.

“I will never forgive myself for what I did. I will have to live with that for the rest of my life, and I understand that. I don’t expect anyone to forgive me either.”


She ended her apology by thanking Slips for giving her the “second chance” that needed as she aims to be transparent with the community and is open to all opinions.

Following the announcement of her hiring, many took the comments sections to express their disappointment and frustrations with the hiring of the content creator.

One Twitter user commented why they won’t be tuning into the recent episode, “I will not be watching specifically because of who you’ve chosen as the host, faking cancer is not ok; otherwise, I would have enjoyed the broadcast.”


Another Twitter user was disgusted with this decision, stating, “Absolutely disgusting to the platform and promote someone who has done vile, horrible and verifiably fraudulent things. Make this right and quickly if you hope to retain myself and others as potential viewers.”


This sentiment was shared by a Twitter user, who echoed their thoughts, “One of the worst things you can do is manipulate the people around you by feigning illness. In the same stroke take away from actual cancer sufferers.”


There have been no comments nor statements made by Slips regarding their decision to recruit MsDirtyBird as an on-air host.

MsDirtyBird signed as host for esports channel
N7 Esports issues a formal statement, announcing the departure of MsDirtyBird. (Picture: N7 Esports / Twitter)

Cancer diagnosis controversy, dropped by N7

In August, MsDirtyBird was accused of lying about her medical health problems, citing she had lied about her brain cancer diagnosis to her former employer/organisation, N7 Esports, for months.


Rocket League professional player, Sworn, shared evidence proving these claims against MsDirtyBird, including video testimonies from her own family questioning the cancer diagnosis. Sworn further elaborated the reason why he decided to share the evidence with the community as MsDirtyBird accused him of creating a burner account to expose her for being a “pathological liar”.

In doing so, Sworn had proven his innocence when it was brought to light that MsDirtyBird indeed produced false and misleading statements regarding her health, evident in a Twitch clip featuring audio from the content creator’s sister admitting that it may be a lie.

MsDirtyBird admitted to the lies about her faking the cancer diagnosis in a Google Drive link shared by Sworn further corroborated the confession, which revealed that she “shows no remorse” in the actions she made.

As this situation continued to unravel, N7 Esports, who had been sponsoring MsDirtyBird, stated that she had been removed from the organisation’s content creation team.

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