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MTN DEW AI is Watching You Stream on Twitch

Drinking MTN DEW while streaming on Twitch? They'll know. They're watching.
MTN DEW AI is Watching You Stream on Twitch

The growth of AI throughout gaming and all different areas of entertainment often feels inescapable, and the latest promotion from MTN DEW partnering with Twitch is only going to intensify that feeling. If you've ever been enjoying a game then taken a swig from a bottle or can of MTN DEW, the results of that action are about to change. Whether you're a casual Twitch streamer or a full-time content creator, MTN DEW AI is going to be watching.

MTN DEW AI will know if you Do The Dew


A little promotional branding never hurt anyone, right? The slow creep of technological surveillance never did anything worse than make us a little more popular, yeah? That's certainly how MTN DEW feels.

Starting on December 1st and going through December 8th, new MTN DEW RAID AI technology will be scanning every single Twitch stream on a gaming channel that's playing. If you so much as lift your MTN DEW into the camera shot to take a sip, they're going to know.

Within a few short minutes, you'll receive a Twitch chat message urging you to opt-in for the MTN DEW RAID AI program. If you choose to do so, MTN DEW is offering to feature participating streamers on the MTN DEW Gaming Twitch channel, the MTN DEW RAID branded shelf on the Twitch homepage, and the Twitch homepage hero carousel.

On top of that, some streamers will have a chance to win a 1-on-1 coaching session with a professional streamer or content creator. There are obviously major benefits to that spotlight for streamers looking to make a career out of the their work, and it only serves to normalize this type of program.

While AI has been utilized in streaming before, up to this point it's largely been about copyright protection. Of course, efforts to crack down on music copyright reached such a fever pitch that all licensed music is a nightmare to utilize in any video content.

Videos constantly get improperly struck and channels dinged, often with very little opportunity to contest the situation or get things remedied. This new "first-of-its-kind" program is only one week long, but it'll likely become the way all brands operate on Twitch and every streaming site.

Domino's Pizza box in the shot? Watch for your message from Domino's. Drinking a Red Bull? They're gonna give you wings and try to put you on a commercial for free. Streaming while balding? ROGAINE will be watching.