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Ninja Loses Twitch Partnership, Says Big Things Are Coming

Twitch superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced on social media his indefinite departure from streaming but hints at "big things" to come.
Ninja Loses Twitch Partnership, Says Big Things Are Coming

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has cultivated millions of viewers on Twitch and helped the platform, in some way, reach new milestones in its earliest days. The internet personality rode the Fortnite trend when it was released and even streamed on Mixer before it shut down.

Recently, the Twitch streamer announced he’d take a break from streaming on the Amazon-owned platform. This coincided with noticeable changes to his social media before alluded to some "big things" happening down the line.

Ninja Takes A Break From Streaming

On 1st September 2022, Ninja revealed his indefinite departure from Twitch on Twitter, seemingly to promote his last livestream, stating he doesn’t know when he’ll be back on the platform. He later said that “big things are coming,” which began fuelling speculation of a possible shift to YouTube or a step down from Twitch or streaming.

ninja break streaming
Ninja is taking a break from streaming. (Picture: Instagram / Ninja)

However, during the livestream, he raged quit after an opposing player used an item in the game to escape in Fortnite. This seemingly infuriated him as he exited the game, told his viewers he’s not sure when he’ll be back, and went off stream.

Although it’s unsure if this was the real reason, it seems to have pushed him to decide to leave indefinitely. Following this incident, he tweeted that he’d be stepping away from streaming and doesn’t know if he’ll ever be back. 

He added, “I just need a break...I don't know when I will be back or where,” before changing his Twitter name to “User Not Found.” Ninja had also removed his profile picture while swapping his cover image to “Time Out.”

Industry insider Zach Bussey had discovered that the streamer is rumored to be no longer a Partner on Twitch which he shared on Twitter. Nevertheless, Ninja commented that “big things are coming” despite many speculating that his contract may expire soon, even though he had signed a deal two years ago.

Reporter and internet personality Jake Lucky thinks the streamer might soon be co-streaming or shifting gears for a move over to YouTube. The Google-owned platform isn’t an unlikely idea since Ninja’s joined Microsoft’s Mixer in the past, so it’s plausible, but it's still uncertain.

Recently, OfflineTV content creator LilyPichu, a prominent Twitch streamer on the platform for a decade, moved to YouTube a while ago. And she’s not the only person to do so; many other streamers are starting to move to YouTube, including Ludwig Aghren and variety streamer Sykkuno.

ninja break indefinite no data return
Ninja's break is indefinite, meaning there's no confirmed date for when he'll be back. (Picture: Instagram / Ninja)

However, it's unsure what the future holds for Ninja and his community. Fans will need to check his social media accounts for more information once Ninja breaks his silence.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / Ninja.