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Ninja returns to Twitch but permanent move proves "complicated"

A short stream with DrLupo and playing Fortnite was a nostalgic experience but it could be a while yet until Ninja is regularly streaming again.
Ninja returns to Twitch but permanent move proves "complicated"

The world (or at least the world of gaming) is eagerly waiting to find out where exactly Tyler "Ninja" Blevins will be streaming full-time after his release from Mixer on 25th June.

He has been linked with everything, from the possible - Facebook Gaming, YouTube, and Twitch - to the positively outlandish like a move to Spotify's non-existent gaming division.

Ninja has also stoked the fire with a surprise YouTube stream, and he is at it again, on 5th June returning Twitch for a one-off stream, with best mate Benjamin "DrLupo" Lupo, to play the game that made him such a big star in the first place - a little battle royale game that goes by the name Fortnite.

ninja return to Twitch
Ninja has streamed on YouTube since leaving MIxer. (Picture: Ninja)

Streaming to over 95,000 viewers at his peak, you would be forgiven for thinking that nothing had changed since he was last seen on the platform, where he just under 15 million followers, except that Ninja didn't have many of the features that make the platform so attractive for streamers like the ability to choose VIPs, a subscribe button and other features that partnered streamers have access too.

Shortly after the stream began, Ninja put on his most affected "Valley Girl" accent and explained that his current situation, as related to streaming, was "complicated".

"OK, so I'm kind of like in "a thing", but not really. I am allowed to see other people..." he said before DrLupo joined in with:

"If you were on Facebook it would say, relationship status: It's complicated."

"Yes! Oh my god! You get me," joked Ninja.

Then it was on to the small business of Fortnite, and it's latest update, with fans of Ninja no closer to knowing where Ninja will be streaming from permanently.

Of course, Ninja isn't the only ex-Mixer streamer in search of a new home, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek was also released from his deal when the platform joined forces with Facebook Gaming, though based off a teaser he dropped last week which hinted that he had "pulled the trigger" on a move we may not be waiting much longer to see where the ex-CS:GO pro is going.