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Twitch streamer Reydempto gets choked out while live in Amsterdam

A stranger assaulted Twitch partner Reydempto during an IRL live stream in Amsterdam to the point of passing out.
Twitch streamer Reydempto gets choked out while live in Amsterdam
Twitch partner Reydempto has a respectable audience of nearly 6,000 followers on Twitch and is best known for his IRL streams. Having lived in The Netherlands for some time now, the Chicago-born streamer is reportedly familiar with the local language and culture.

However, on 13th February at roughly 12:25 AM CET, Reydempto was exploring the streets of Amsterdam at night when a drunk assailant approached and strangled him despite being in a busy square with lots of people. It is speculated that the attack could have been deliberate, and it was clear that the stranger was not playing around.

Streamer passes out after being choked out on Twitch

The clip eventually found its way onto the Livestream Fails subreddit, where it quickly became upvoted. In the clip, Reydempto was asked by a Twitch chatter about the atmosphere in Amsterdam and whether he was safe.

reydempto stranged by drunk assailant IRL twitch stream amsterdam
Reydempto is popular for his IRL Twitch streams. (Picture: Twitch)

The Twitch streamer reassured his fans that he was safe and pointed out a nearby police station. "There are police stations everywhere; we're good, we're totally fine," he said. However, soon afterwards, Reymdepto was approached by a stranger who seemingly came out of nowhere.

The stranger, who appeared intoxicated, put his arm around Reydempto and slurred the word "vlogger." It's clear that Reydempto was uncomfortable; however, he continued to be polite and go along with the stranger's drunken antics.

twitch streamer choked out livestream amsterdam reydempto
Reydempto was strangled by a drunk stranger while exploring Amsterdam at night. (Picture: Twitch)

The stranger then yelled, "I'm live on Twitch," seemingly mocking Reydempto before proceeding to say, "I'm going to kill this mother f*cker!" At this moment, the stranger outright began to choke out Reydempto.

"Oh god, let go of me, man! Let go of me! Let go of me, no seriously, man! Let the f*ck go of me!", Reydempto yelled with desperation. Shortly afterwards, the streamer's camera went black; however, the stream continued, inciting panic among his fans who were watching. There is no indication at this time whether the perpetrator was caught.

According to a Reddit user who provided more context, "[The] stream went black because he passed out after getting choked hard and fell on the ground with his live stream hardware in the backpack. He was back live after a few minutes and obviously in shock about what happened, but he said he was fine, didn't get hurt or robbed."

A different Reddit user said that the assailant "showed up on stream about an hour earlier asking Reydempto if he heard about the Twitch streamer who was murdered on camera." Given this, it could indicate the attack was premeditated.

reydempto twitch strangled live stream
Reydempto says he will file a police report but doubts anything will come from it. (Picture: Twitch)

Later, Reydempto reportedly told his fans on Discord that he "felt much better once the oxygen returned to [his] brain." The IRL streamer also noted that he would go "straight to the police station tomorrow" to file a report; however, he remains apathetic that anything will come of it.

We're otherwise glad to hear that Reydempto is okay and encourage him to exercise caution when exploring the streets late at night.


Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Reydempto.