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Summit1g on swatting: Condemns practice as "Most swatted streamer" on Twitch

Summit1g has explained how he is the most swatted streamer on Twitch and that this practice puts the lives of his loved ones at risk.
YouTube and Twitch star Jaryd "Summit1g" Lazar has spoken out about his experiences with swatting. According to Summit1g, he is the "most swatted streamer" on Twitch, and this practice has put the lives of his loved ones at risk. Swatting has been a frightening issue in the Twitch community for years, and now, Summit1g has taken to social media to address the issue head-on. 

Summit1g most swatted Twitch streamer?

Swatting is, of course, the practice of prank-calling law enforcement with false accusations using a specific address. It is a criminal offence in multiple countries and could lead to extremely dangerous and even life-threatening situations.

Summit1g took to Twitter to explain that he is actually the Twitch streamer who has been swatted the most times (data on this claim not available), and explained how swatting puts lives at risk.

Summit1g states: "You know I’m the most swatted streamer who never tells when it happens. Can’t tell you how many lives that have been at risk and it’s never my own. Actually f$%kin lame. Gotta move my Dad who just got in there, wasting my adult time for your childish actions. Grow up, idiots."

summit1g swatted swatting twitch most swatted streamer lives at risk Colorado springs(Picture: Summit1g via Twitter)

Summit1g further revealed what he was thankful for during these swatting incidents. You see, he lives in Colorado Springs, and the police force there has been great at handling these swatting incidents.

Summit1g explains: "I’m honestly super fortunate that the police in CO have handled it like pros every single time."

Jaryd "Summit1g" Lazar further explained how the only way to stop swatting is to recognize you've been swatted since the offenders will do it again if nothing happens on the Twitch stream.

summit1g swatted swatting twitch most swatted streamer lives at risk Colorado springs(Picture: Summit1g via Twitter)

Following Summit1g's talks about swatting, he told his fans: "Didn’t mean to worry you guys, don’t stress I’m just annoyed lol."

In Colorado, false reporting is a misdemeanour that can carry a 6-month jail sentence. With that being said, swatting a Twitch streamer, or anyone really, is never okay, under any circumstances.

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