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Train slams streamer privilege amidst Texas power outages

Trainwreck thinks that some of his streamer friends are out of touch with reality and don't understand just how hard is for "regular" people during the Texas power shortages crisis.
Train slams streamer privilege amidst Texas power outages

A group of Twitch streamers is currently staying at the OTK house in Austin, amidst the Texas power crisis.

The One True King(OTK) house has been quite busy over the last couple of months, with various content creators visiting the house for collaboration with the organisation's members.

With so many people coming and leaving, chances are high that some drama will occur from time to time, but asides from a minor controversy surrounding Jinnytty's departure, there haven't been any particularly big problems in the house.

otk house texas austin
The OTK house is located in Austin, Texas, which is currently suffering severe weather conditions and power outages (Picture: OTK)

But things have changed since 13th February, when the cold weather in Texas caused power outages affecting millions of homes in the Lone Star State

The unprecedented cold snap has led to one of the largest blackouts in the history of the US, and the consequences are incalculable.

This whole situation is, of course, having a negative impact on the OTK house as well, which can be seen in the behaviour of the current residents as well.

The house was without a steady supply of electricity for almost three days straight, however, things finally started to get better over the last 24 hours.

The group wanted to use that opportunity to organize a birthday party for Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo, one of the OTK founders.

While the atmosphere was generally nice, one of the recurring topics of discussion was, naturally, the wider situation in Texas.

The discussion got heated when Tyler "Trainwreck" Niknam shared the news of mayor of Colorado City resigning, which started another debate over the crisis.

At one point other streamers started joking around and talk about how people should have prepared better for the situation instead of whining, which made Train visibly annoyed.

"Think about it. Realistically, what do you need to survive? Food, water, heat," said 4Conner. "I can survive weeks with the blanket that I have now."

This prompted Train to give his fellow streamers a reality check.

"We barely survived. You're lucky the electricity's on. If it wasn't on you'd be miserable like we have been the last three days," Train burst. "You know why you can survive weeks? Because all of us make 2.6 million dollars a year playing f***ing video games."

train mizkif otk house texas power crisis
Train was particularly angry over remarks made by 4Conner (Picture: OTK)

He then pointed out that a majority of people in Texas, who are now in a dire situation, struggle to survive even in normal times, let alone in a cataclysmic event like the one currently occurring in Texas.

"Half these motherf****rs make 25 thousand a year. We make that in a day. And they got kids. Man, f**k that. I don't like that high rolling bulls**t. You're in a 2.5-million-dollar house talking like that. That's easy to talk."

While the conversation was a bit intense during this part of the stream, due to the seriousness of the topic, eventually things got relaxed again but Train was clearly irritated over how some of the people in the house talk about this crisis, especially the part where they are blaming regular people for "not being prepared".

Hopefully, things will get better soon for everyone in Texas.