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Twitch partner Roflgator in hospital with COVID-19 symptoms

Following a week of symptoms which sounds like COVID-19, Twitch partner Roflgator was taken to the hospital.
If you are one of Twitch partner Roflgator's 217,000 followers and wondering why he hasn't been streaming for nearly four days, the answer is quite simple. Roflgator was taken to the Emergency Room of a hospital in Chicago, as his partner, Stephanie, announced they think he has COVID-19 after his oxygen levels dropped really low.

Roflgator in hospital for COVID-19?

On 15th May, Stephanie was asked by a fan if Roflgator was okay. This led to her explaining that: "He’s ok, we think he has COVID and his oxygen levels dropped really low so we are in the ER now."

Fans were wondering where Rolfgator was since he hasn't streamed for a few days, and he announced he was sick on Twitter.

Roflgator Twitch partner hopsital covid-19(Picture: Twitter via Rolfgator)

On Twitter, Stephanie then shared an image of Roflgator in the hospital, with him showing the middle finger as a joke. She explained: "So don’t take this as glorifying Covid for some sort of weird clout. Absolutely get vaccinated, we are quarantined and have been since I got back. Rob has been struggling with this for over a week so we thought it was time to go in. This was just a silly pic to lighten the mood."

Roflgator Twitch partner hopsital covid-19(Picture: Stephanie / Rolfgator)


Thankfully, it appears Roflgator is doing better on 16th May 2021, as an update from Stephanie on Twitter

She explains how Roflgator is currently doing: "He's off oxygen and IVs so he's just being monitored now. We are still waiting on the official Covid results, but hopefully, he can come home tomorrow if all goes well!  Thanks for all the love everyone, the kind words truly mean a lot."

At the time of writing, it is unclear if Roflgator does have COVID-19, as they are still waiting for the test results to come in. However, his fans on Twitch should be happy to know he does appear to be getting better.

We hope Roflgator makes a full and speedy recovery.

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