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Twitch Shitcamp 2022: Schedule, Streamers, How To Watch & More

Twitch Shitcamp 2022 hosts many popular content creators. Here's everything you need to know, including the schedule, streamers attending, and how to watch.
Twitch Shitcamp 2022: Schedule, Streamers, How To Watch & More

Following the massive success of QTCinderella's original Twitch Shitcamp last year, which featured several popular content creators and streamers, the biggest independent streamer event returns for Season 2 on 6th September.

Twitch Shitcamp 2022 will feature "a week's worth of streams," comprising streamers battle against each other in a range of challenges "while forging friendships, navigating the outdoors, and embarrassing themselves, all in the name of content."

Here's everything to know about Twitch Shitcamp 2022, including the content schedule, activities, streamers attending, and how to watch.

Twitch Shitcamp 2022: Schedule

twitch shitcamp 2022 schedule
Twitch Shitcamp 2022 runs from 6th to 8th September 2022. (Picture: Twitch / QTCinderella)

Shitcamp 2022 will run from 6th to 8th September, featuring 18 popular streamers from Twitch and YouTube participating in various exciting activities each day.

Streamers may also host non-schedule events or activities on their respective channels, meaning there will be plenty of epic content to enjoy. We've included the official schedule below per the official Shitcamp 2022 website.

Tuesday 6th September

  • Opening Ceremony (03:00 BST)
    • Eighteen streamers are stuck on a campsite in the middle of nowhere. Captains form teams to lead their ships in battle to find a way out.
    • Featuring Adeptthebest, AustinShow, Brittt, Cyr, Erobb, Gigi, HasanAbi, Kaceytron, Ludwig, Maya, Myth, Pokelawls, QTCinderella, RichWCampbell, Valkyrae, WillNeff, xQc, and Zoil
    • Hosted by QTCinderella
  • Breakfast Stream (17:00 BST)
    • Austin hosts a one-time breakfast show for the campers and tries not to start a forest fire.
    • Hosted by Austin
  • Fishing (17:00 BST)
    • Erobb attempts to show everyone how it's done and takes the group fishing. Will he succeed, or continue to take the L by only fishing up sticks?
    • Hosted by Erobb
  • Archery (21:00 BST)
    • "Wildlife rehabilitator" Maya shows everyone how to shoot a bow and not kill any of the local wildlife.
    • Hosted by Maya

Wednesday 7th September

  • Scavenger Hunt (6th September at 23:30 BST)
    • xQc and Hasan lead their team in the woods, looking for items and hopefully not dying.
    • Hosted by xQc & HasanAbi
  • Newlywed Game (03:00 BST)
    • The campers test how much, or how little, they know about each other. Friendships will be broken.
    • Hosted by Ludwig
  • Rich's Birthday Stream (06:00 BST)
    • Rich throws a birthday party as he knows the campers can't leave.
    • Hosted by RichWCCampbell
  • Birthday Stream (17:00 BST)
    • Zoil prepares a scuffed breakfast for the campers and tries not to start a grease fire.
    • Hosted by Zoil
  • Zip Line (17:00 BST)
    • Hosted by Cyr
  • Olympic Relay Race (22:00 BST)
    • It's time for the Streamer Olympics! Lean, mean, not-so-fit machines... okay, maybe it's not gonna be like the Olympics.
    • Hosted by HasanAbi

Thursday 8th September

  • PJ Party (03:00 BST)
    • A wild pajama party, hosted by Felicia
    • Hosted by xQc
  • Grand Slam Breakfast (17:00 BST)
    • Britt prepares a questionable breakfast for the campers and tries to start a smoke fire to signal for help.
    • Hosted by Brittt
  • Paintball (17:00 BST)
    • Myth is set on a mission by the US Government to eliminate everyone else at Shitcamp, his final target being the Anti-Capitalist Hasan. Will he complete his mission, or will Hasan say it again?
    • Hosted by Myth
  • Zorb Soccer (21:00 BST)
    • The campers stick themselves into zorb balls and run around like headless chickens in a coop.
    • Hosted by Pokelawls
  • Boat Racing (23:30 BST)
    • The two teams face off in a boat race, where their teamwork will determine whether they cross the lake or end up in it.
    • Hosted by WillNeff
  • Closing Ceremony (9th September at 03:00 BST)
    • As camp winds down to a close, the teams compete for the final time before finally being able to return to the comfort of their stream rooms.
    • Hosted by QTCinderella

Twitch Shitcamp 2022: All Streamers Attending

who is attending shitcamp 2022
There are 18 streamers attending Shitcamp 2022. (Picture: YouTube / QTCinderella)

According to the official Twitch Shitcamp 2022 website, the official list of streamers that will be attending includes: 

Twitch Shitcamp 2022: How To Watch

Each Shitcamp 2022 activity will be broadcasted by a different streamer attending the event, so you will have to consult the official Shitcamp schedule to know where to go to watch the event.

For all the Twitch and YouTube content, check out our section dedicated to the latest Entertainment news, updates, streamer drama, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Shitcamp.