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Twitch streamer Adrianah Lee hits out at Novaruu after drunk incident involving CrazySlick

Twitch streamer, Adrianah Lee revealed a creepy drunken incident at Novaruu’s party last year involving CrazySlick touching her repeatedly to “make sure she’s still alive”.
Twitch streamer, Adrianah Lee came out on Twitter to reveal an incident that happened between her and fellow streamer, CrazySlick, at a party they both attended early last year. She detailed in a Twitter post on the 6th of July how she felt uncomfortable after CrazySlick followed her around after she became intoxicated and proceeded to touch her inappropriately.

The incident allegedly took place at Twitch star, Novaruu’s 21st birthday party on the 19th of January last year and includes witness accounts from her friends regarding what happened. She made clear in the tweet that CrazySlick “did not r*pe [her] or assault [her]” but his actions did “make [her feel] uncomfortable”.

Adrianah Lee exposes CrazySlick's drunken incident

According to Adrianah, she was “very intoxicated and ended up blacked out”. Her story was led by the accounts of several eyewitnesses.

adrianah lee crazy slick exposed drunk incident
Screenshot of Adrianah Lee DM with a friend (Picture: Twitter / Adrianah Lee)

After consensually hooking up with her best friend, Ena, and another one of her close friends at the time, she explained how CrazySlick would follow them around, “try to kiss [her]”.

She later revealed that the two ended up hooking up, but she later passed out in one of the rooms of the party. She then explained how CrazySlick would come into the room repeatedly and proceed to “touch [her] neck and chest saying that he was: ‘just making sure [she] was alive’”. This was despite being reassured by her friends that she was okay and being asked to leave the room.

She further added that she was not sure whether his intentions “were out of genuine concern or not” but that his actions “did make [her] uncomfortable”. Adrianah later revealed that her sexuality “has been taken advantage of” before in the past and this “reinforced a lot of trauma for [her]” and was “afraid to talk about it” at the time.

adrianah lee novaruu twitch crazyslick exposed
Adrianah Lee (Picture: Twitter / Adrianah Lee)

Novaruu ended up speaking out about the incident live on her stream despite the fact that she “wasn’t even in the room to help, let alone see what happened”, Adrianah said.

She further went on to say that it “was not [Novaruu’s] place to talk about [her] story and [her] trauma on [Novaruu’s] live stream”, later indicating that Novatura was trying to “stay relevant by virtue signalling and pretending shes doing this for the greater good”.

novaruu crazyslick drunken incident adrianah lee twitch
Novaruu comments about incident on Twitter (Picture: Twitter / Adrianah Lee)

"If [Novaruu] truly cared she would have reached out to me before she went on stream to talk about it", Adrianah said.

CrazySlick apologizes to Adrianah Lee

An hour after posting the tweet, CrazySlick responded with a tweet titled “I’m sorry”. In the tweet, CrazySlick apologized her “making Adrianah feel uncomfortable”, adding that he was “very sorry to her friends that night for having to put up with [him]”.

He admitted that he was drunk and anxious but reassured that his “intentions were to check her pulse because [he] was worried”. He also admitted that he was overstepping and should have let her friends take care of her.

He further indicated that his actions were inexcusable and that he hoped for her forgiveness, ending that he “[felt] awful that [he] caused this”.

adrianah lee crazy slick twitch streamers
CrazySlick makes Adrianah Lee "uncomfortable" (Picture: Twitter / Crazy Slick)

Adrianah has yet to respond to the incident that occurred over a year ago now. CrazySlick’s behaviour is certainly unacceptable and we hope that this will never happen again. We’re also relieved that things didn’t escalate further than they have despite CrazySlick reassuring us of his supposedly benevolent intentions.

Sexual assault can happen in several ways, shapes, and forms and we encourage anyone who has experienced similar incidents to speak out and seek help.

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Header image via Twitter / Adrianah Lee / CrazySlick.