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Twitch streamer, Alisha, reveals she has Lyme Disease

Variety Twitch streamer, Alisha12287 (or simply, "Alisha"), tweeted that she was admitted to the hospital and is being treated for Lyme Disease after being incapacitated for days.
Twitch streamer, Alisha, reveals she has Lyme Disease

Streamer, Alisha12287 (or just "Alisha"), is a popular figure on Twitch with over 140,000 followers and nearly 5 million views to date. She is best known for her RuneScape content but frequents other gaming titles as well. Alisha was previously the centre of controversy when she was alleged to be involved in a cat breeding mill. Twitch subsequently banned her from the platform, but later rescinded the ban, after substantial community backlash.

In yet another unfortunate turn of events, Alisha recently took to Twitter to announce that she had been hospitalized after contracting a case of Lyme Disease. The streamer’s condition appears to be quite serious and she is currently waiting for her treatment to come into effect.

Alisha reveals she has Lyme’s Disease

“Hey everyone I know discord knows, but I was in the hospital yesterday. I'm being treated for Lyme Disease and my temperature has been going up to 102 [Fahrenheit] and I passed out yesterday. Not sure when I will be well enough to stream again I have literally been in bed almost all day”, she said in a tweet on the 4th of July.

Lyme Disease, for those who don’t know, is an illness typically contracted through a tick bite. The disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which triggers severe flu-like symptoms once infected. Some people also experience weakening in the limbs and sore joints, with a characteristic bull’s eye rash forming at the bite site.

lyme disease rash bulls eye spot tick bite
Lyme Disease Rash (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

Alisha added to her tweet that she has been sleeping for between 15 and 20 hours and struggles to walk. Her pulse rate was “resting over 100” which later spiked to “160 when [she] stood up”. After having blood tests and EKGs done, doctors have not raised any red flags.

She further noted that she is not sure whether her antibiotic medication has started working yet, or whether the Lyme bacteria are “taking over”, but that she misses streaming and “feeling normal”.

alisha12287 alisha twitch streamer lyme disease
Alisha reveals she contracted Lyme Disease (Picture: Twitter / Alisha12287)

Alisha tweeted 2 hours prior to the writing of this article, citing that her fever has not yet broken. “Laying in bed awake since 2:30 am sweating with a 102 fever [upside down smile emoji] I’m going to lose my f***ing mind soon”, she said. 

Fans have reached out to support the Twitch streamer with words of encouragement and well wishes. Most people who contract Lyme Disease go on to make a complete recovery, so we trust that she will return to streaming in the near future. 

fan alisha twitch streamer lyme disease
Fans tweet support for Alisha (Picture: Twitter / Alisha12287)
alisha twitch streamer lyme disease
Fans tweet support for Alisha (Picture: Twitter / Alisha12287)

We hope that the antibiotics will kick in soon and that she will make a speedy recovery. Until then, we hope that she will take this time to rest and recuperate and we wish her the speediest recovery.

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Header image via Twitch / Alisha.