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Twitch streamers can now check how many DMCA strikes they have

Twitch is finally giving streamers some additional options to track their DMCA situation better, and what's more important, to be warned about it on time.
Twitch streamers can now check how many DMCA strikes they have

Everything that has been going on with Twitch and DMCA over the last year is still far from being solved in a way that will work well for all sides involved, from Twitch and music corporation to streamers and viewers.

It all started in June of 2020 when streamers started getting DMCA strikes and suspensions and from there it escalated into one of the biggest disasters on the platform.

Amongst many issues this whole situation has brought, some of the biggest problems were coming from the fact that content creators simply weren't properly prepared for the new rules and Twitch hasn't really done much to help the streamers to overcome this new reality.

That's why we have seen many situations where streamers weren't even warned about strikes prior to the ban, or where Twitch veterans were forced to delete their whole history of streaming.

And it seems that Twitch is finally implementing new tools which will help streamers with their DMCA troubles.

Streamers will now receive a warning about DMCA strikes directly to their Twitch channel inbox, not just an email. This will definitely help streamers to have all the information they need quickly and more accessible, as they usually spend most of their time streaming anyway, and many of them aren't even using actively the email address they used to register on Twitch.

The second very important update will now allow streamers to see the number of copyright strikes directly on their Dashboard, which means that they will always be informed why they received DMCA strikes and they will know if they are in potential danger of having 3 strikes, which can lead to a permanent ban.

Twitch DMCA strikes new tools
(Picture: Twitch)

Unfortunately, many streamers will still be in a situation where they will need to delete their VODs, but at least Twitch added a new tool that can allow them to delete all VODs at once or up to 20 at a time, and this works the same for unpublishing VODs.

This is definitely a step in the right direction and it will help streamers to deal better with DMCA problems, but the community hops that this is just the first of many steps Twitch is planning to implement in regards to this.

Amongst other plans, Twitch has announced that in the following months they are planning to implement multi-track audio support in Twitch Studio, which will allow streamers to have control over what audio goes to live stream and which will be recorded on VODs and Clips.