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Streamers report DMCA strikes on "deleted" VODs, evidence show clips permanently stored on Twitch servers

Content creation guru Devin Nash reveals that Twitch clips and VODs are never deleted from the platform and are still open to DMCA strikes.
Streamers report DMCA strikes on "deleted" VODs, evidence show clips permanently stored on Twitch servers
An ethical and logicistical can of worms was well and truly opened today when it was revealed that Twitch never permanently deletes clips or VODs from their servers - and whats more they can be accessed if you know the URL address.

Twitch deleted vods not deleted stored permanently clips Dr disrespect Devin Nash
(Picture: Twitch)

The discovery was made by Devin Nash, a popular Twitch streamer who is one of the foremost voices when it comes to discussing the industry and business of streaming and content creation, especially in relation to Twitch.

The issue came to light due to the current furore around the application of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) on Twitch.

In the last few weeks streamers, big and small, have been deleting their VODs and clips as they attempt to stay on the right side of DMCA. Twitch's enforcement of DMCA in that time has racheted up and past broadcasts have been seen to be fair game.

Now with Devin Nash's discovery it emerges that deleting the clips and VODs may do nothing to stop potential strikes as the information still lives on Twitch's servers.

"They're still on Twitch's server even if you deleted them," claimed Nash on Twitter.

Posting a picture of his Twitch clip library being empty he continues: 

"Yet here's one they stored from 2016: We deleted our entire legacy and Twitch still didn't protect us," he lamented.

One streamer who has found his "deleted" VODs earning a strike is Tom "Syndicate" Cassell, a popular British content creator, who revealed that a VOD deleted six months ago was hit with a DMCA strike.

The discovery that VODs and clips are never truly deleted has resulted in some rather ironic finds with clips emerging from banned streamers such as Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV's infamous stream from E3 2019 where he was filmed walking around a bathroom, to Ryan "Cryaotic" Terry who was banned in September after allegations of impropriety with underage girls.

Twitch clips never deleted, clips vods live on Twitch permanently
(Picture: DrDisrespect)

There are also legal and ethical questions to be asked around what right Twitch has to store these clips indefinately.

In Europe the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets out  the rights people in regards to their data and the parameters and provisions that must be met on how businesses, governments, official bodies, etc store such retain such information.

The US doesn't have a similar law at federal level but Calfornia introduced a regulation framework based of DRPR called the Califnornia Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The fact that anyone can access these clips and VODs, even when "deleted", and there is no easy way to permanently delete may be a breach of these acts.