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xQc hits back at controversial Twitch "TV show" meta

Twitch megastar Felix "xQc" Lengyel hit back at criticism over the new Twitch TV show meta. "I watch five episodes, and the internet is having a f**king seizure."
xQc hits back at controversial Twitch "TV show" meta

Over the past two weeks, many Twitch stars have received harsh criticism over the new "TV show" or MasterChef meta. Earlier, the new queen of Twitch, Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa, said that the new Twitch meta was "too risky" given the ongoing DMCA copyright debacle.

Imane "Pokimane" Anys was among the first notable streamers to receive a two-day DMCA ban after broadcasting the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. More recently, however, Twitch megastar Felix "xQc" Lengyel has been targeted for streaming copyrighted content in what has become a split opinion among many members of the Twitch community.

xQc responds to take on Twitch TV show meta

On 9th January, Head of Twitch Community Productions djWHEAT criticised xQc's "worthless management team" in a thread on Twitter.

Among the string of tweets, dJWHEAT also said that "a real management team would be putting a stop to anything that could jeopardise their client's career and ability to make money." The Twitch head added, "Anything less, and you are under bad management."

However, many users on Twitter correctly pointed out that xQc doesn't have management.

xQc responded to critics on new Twitch TV show meta
xQc responded to critics on the new Twitch TV show meta. (Picture: Twitch / xQcOW)

xQc subsequently hit back and slammed the Twitch head for their apparent double standards. "Where was all this energy when Toast was watching 150 episodes of Naruto while literally sleeping on stream. Where was all this energy at?"

The Twitch megastar continued, saying, "I watched three hours of content [and] the internet loses its mind. Toast had literally a library of one of the most distributed anime in America that's from Japan, Naruto, for like 150 episodes, and nobody blinks an eye."

"I watch five episodes, and the internet is having a f**king seizure." Users on Reddit seem to think it was inevitable that xQc would be targeted given his massive popularity on Twitch and propensity to stream react content.

However, one Reddit user noted there were several LSF threads about Toast, "which turned into a massive airing out of grievances about Toast from the past two years."

xQc slammed people being outraged over him versus Toast
xQc slammed people being outraged over him instead of Toast. (Picture: Twitch / xQcOW)

The user continued, saying that xQc has received more criticism than Toast on Twitter, "but it's smaller than the sh*tstorm that has hit Pokimane." Indeed, this is true. "The ban on Pokimane has started another whole wave of hate against her," said another Redditor.

Some fans conclude that two wrongs shouldn't make a right and that xQc shouldn't appropriate a victim complex, calling him a "master of deflection."

But, we'll leave it to you to decide whether you agree with xQc's take or not.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / xQcOW.