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xQc slams "braindead" Redditors over GTA RP gunfight

Twitch legend Felix "xQc" Lengyel was blasted by fans on Reddit after losing a gunfight in Grand Theft Auto roleplay, but not before hitting back, calling Redditors "braindead degenerate morons."
xQc slams "braindead" Redditors over GTA RP gunfight

Felix "xQc" Lengyel has a history of being a major hothead when tensions rise in-game and has even been labelled Twitch's most profane streamer. For example, in a recent Grand Theft Auto roleplay (GTA RP) stream, xQc accused another player of poor roleplay after being gunned down in a shootout.

xQc claimed that he didn't know about the shootout and was later blasted by fans on Reddit, where he was accused of lying and having double standards. "X wins a fight, all is fair, sh*t-talking all around. X loses a fight, everything is scummy, what is this, is this even RP," one Reddit user said.

xQc slams "braindead" Redditors over GTA roleplay gunfight

According to xQc, the player did not engage with him before shooting. The Twitch star said: "Can you guys at least say something before you start shooting? Can you say at least anything at all? Can you engage with me? Holy f**k!"

The player that killed xQc attempted to calm him down, saying that he should relax and stop being weird. "You're running into gunfire where your boys just got shot down," the player told xQc before asking whether xQc was blaming him for having poor communication with his crew.

Reddit users noted that xQc did know about the shootout, pointing to a clip where xQc asked his crew "where they [were] at?", and said he was coming over.

"What makes me laugh the most is X pulled his gun/got out of the car to shoot at him. This is just him malding because he lost," one Reddit user said.

Other Redditors blamed his crew for not waiting for him. "Jack and Marty should of (sic) waited for X to get there before doing anything, and Marty should of (sic) told Jack (the driver) that he was gonna hop out. Right when Jack said ima drive off, Marty jumped out. Nothing to get mad at, just bad coms," they said.

xQc slams Reddit users after they criticize him for being salty about losing a gunfight in GTA RP. (Picture: Twitch / xQcOW)
xQc slams Reddit users after they criticise him for being salty about losing a gunfight in GTA RP. (Picture: Twitch / xQcOW)

xQc didn't take kindly to the comments and responded with an array of expletives.

"Stop giving these people credit. They’re f**king mentally ill. Redditors need professional help. They’re f**king braindead degenerate f**king morons. Stop computing their opinions as something of value. They are f**king s**t heads," xQc said in a rage.

I can't help but think that there's something that will trigger xQc to go off. While some Twitch users may not appreciate it when xQc blows his head off, saying that "it's time like these I turn off the stream," other fans find it hilarious.

xQc raging should be seen as nothing, but entertainment value and fans really shouldn't be surprised when he loses his mind. The fact that xQc maintains his position as one of the most-watched streamers on Twitch is a testament to the fact that it's arguably what the majority of his viewers actually want to see.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / xQcOW.