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V Rising Maja The Dark Savant: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to find and defeat Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising to unlock the Veil of Illusion ability and recipes for the Study and Scrolls.
V Rising Maja The Dark Savant: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Maja the Dark Savant is a Level 47 Blood Carrier in V Rising but is a surprisingly challenging boss to beat, requiring much effort. So, if you're struggling to overcome her, don't worry! In this comprehensive guide, we will detail the best strategies you need to know to beat Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising, including the most effective abilities and weapons to use against her.

We invest considerable time and effort into exploring these bosses, leaving no stone unturned until we uncover the perfect strategies for their defeat. So, you can trust that we know what we're talking about. Read on to learn how to defeat Maja in V Rising, including her location and the rewards you'll earn by overcoming her.

Updated on 26 May 2023: Maja the Dark Savant is a brand-new boss in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising: Where To Find Maja The Dark Savant - Location


Maja the Dark Savant is located in the Forbidden Tower of the Dunley Farmlands. This mysterious area rests on top of a hill in the northeastern part of Vardoran and is surrounded by an enchanting garden guarded by unfriendly enemy mobs.

The nearest Vampire Waygate lies southwest, right below the Bastion of Dunley, or to the north at the entrance of the Cursed Forest. This isolated arena that houses Maja the Dark Savant is protected from the Sun, allowing you to face her at any time of day.

V Rising: How To Beat Maja The Dark Savant

Maja the Dark Savant is a formidable level 47 V Blood Carrier, so you will require a Gear Score of 45+ to stand a chance against her strength. However, it is essential to note that Maja's power surpasses her level, and her abilities can be devastating if not approached with caution. Luckily, we will provide the necessary strategies to defeat Maja the Dark Savant. We used a Sword for this fight, but you could also make use of a Reaper, Mace, or Axe if you so desire.

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Blood Type

Let's begin with the importance of Blood Type choice. Your selection of Blood can significantly impact the outcome of this battle, especially if you are at the same level or lower. Opting for Warrior Blood of 60%+ Blood Quality is highly recommended to benefit from the damage reduction and parry chance. This choice will help mitigate Maja's extensive high-damage attacks, as dodging them proves to be exceedingly challenging. By reducing the damage that cannot be evaded, you enhance your survivability.

You could opt for Creature Blood with a 40%+ Blood Quality as a worthy alternative to benefit from the movement speed bonus and damage reduction stat. This buff will prove invaluable in this encounter, enabling you to evade Maja's attacks and deal with her summoned units. If Creature Blood is unavailable, Rogue Blood is a suitable alternative for the same reason. However, Rogue Blood also offers a chance to critical strike on weapon attacks.


Defensive Abilities

Regarding the defensive strategy, we cannot overstate the importance of Ward of The Damned. This is because Maja the Dark Savant will summon minions to fight for her, in which case you should do the same. Using Ward of the Damned will block the powerful projectile spells she launches and summon Skeleton Warriors to fight for you, with a maximum of 5 spawning at a time. These warriors will give you much more breathing room in the fight absorbing spells and attacks.

Chaos Barrier (unlocked by beating Angram the Purifier) is also fantastic here as it will inflict Ignite on all those that dare attack you. More specifically, the Ignite debuff will deal 50% magic damage over 5 seconds. It will also deal an additional 50% magic damage on impact in the melee range and return any projectile attacks back at the target, dealing 50% magic damage as well. It's arguably one of the best midgame defensive spells, so you should definitely include it in your arsenal.


Travel Abilities

Veil of Blood is a standout movement spell option. Finding a safe space for healing during this fight is nearly impossible unless you have access to Brute Blood, or your allies can divert Maja's attention while you heal from a distance. In addition, the Veil of Blood ability allows you to heal upon your next attack after moving, which proves invaluable in this encounter due to the abundance of minions provided by Maja the Dark Savant. You can utilize these minions to restore your health effectively.

Offensive Abilities

In terms of offensive spells, Chaos Volley is highly recommended. This spell inflicts 110% magic damage per projectile and rapidly fires two projectiles. Its impact also applies the Ignite debuff, making it an excellent choice to combine with Chaos Barrier. By alternating between the two spells, you can maintain the Ignite debuff on Maja for an extended period. This strategic combo allows you to keep the Ignite debuff almost continuously applied, maximizing your damage output.


Maja's Moveset

Now, let's delve into the actual fight against Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising. The battle begins with Maja launching a wave of pages toward you, inflicting significant damage and minor knockback. It is crucial not to underestimate this attack. Following this move, Maja will send individual books flying towards you, one at a time, up to three times, each from a different angle.

To optimize your movement ability, it is best to hold off using it until the second or third book in the combo when you are at a safe distance. However, for the widespread page attack, you can use your movement ability right away, as it is considerably more challenging to dodge otherwise. In between these attacks, Maja the Dark Savant will summon her dark minions for assistance.

These minions pose a significant threat and should not be left alive for an extended period. Initially, they will circle you but then suddenly close in for melee attacks. This proves to be fatal, especially if they manage to strike you after your movement skill is on cooldown. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize dealing with these minions to ensure your survival throughout the fight.


The minions become even more dangerous when Maja the Dark Savant opens her grimoire, summoning them to aid her in healing. A chosen minion will rush towards her book, and once fully absorbed, it will heal Maja the Dark Savant for a significant amount of health. This stage of the fight greatly resembles the battle with Willfred the Werewolf Chief, making it paramount to eliminate the minion before the book fully absorbs it to prevent the healing from taking place.

Bringing Maja the Dark Savant's health below 50% triggers the second phase of the fight, significantly increasing the difficulty level. During this phase, Maja not only continues to summon minions for assistance but also launches her minions at you in liquid form. If these units make contact with you, they will deal serious damage and transform into physical minions at your location. As a result, the number of minions you need to contend with increases from two to three to five to six.


Not only that, but you will also have to contend with her ability to heal herself and the attacks, which massively complicate the battle. Maja the Dark Savant will then unleash a new powerful area-of-effect darkness attack, dealing significant damage in a large area around her if you get too close. To defeat Maja the Dark Savant, you must constantly clear the minions or keep their numbers low while taking shots at her.

In summary, ensure you eliminate the chosen minion every time she attempts to heal, and save your movement ability when necessary. Additionally, always try to land a hit on her after using your movement ability to regain some HP. Do this, constantly dodging or blocking her ranged attacks with Chaos Barrier or Ward of The Damned. Finally, keep throwing out Chaos Volley whenever she starts calling on her minions to heal, as she will stand still, leaving her completely open to attack. Rinse and repeat this, and you will beat Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising!


V Rising: Maja The Dark Savant Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for beating Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising: Veil of Illusion (Ability), Study (Research Structure), and Scroll (Resource).

  • Veil of Illusion: Dash towards the input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Your next primary attack now inflicts Weaken. The projectiles launched by the illusion inflict Weaken and apply a stack of Phantasm to the caster.  
  • Study: A structure used to undercover new technology and items. Craftable with 20x Scrolls + 8x Reinforced Plank + 8x Thick Leather.
  • Scroll: A resource used to uncover new technology at a Study. It can be crafted at a Paper Press.

Maja the Dark Savant's V Blood description reads:

A brilliant, obsessive scholar that resides in an ancient family library, discovering its long-lost secrets in pursuit of a goal intuitively passed through her family's bloodline. The culimination of generations of work is at her ink-stained fingertips... to open a way to the world of demons.


And that's everything you need to know about how to beat Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising. But why stop there? Did you know we have an expansive library of in-depth V Rising boss guides? Yep! No kidding. Learn how to beat baddies like Gorecrusher the Behemoth, The Winged Horror, and Solarus the Immaculate right now!

V Rising Maja The Dark Savant: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising?

Maja the Dark Savant can be found in the Forbidden Tower of the Dunley Farmlands in V Rising. Look for the tower on top of a hill in the northeastern part of Vardoran.

What are the recommended abilities for defeating Maja the Dark Savant?

For defeating Maja the Dark Savant, we recommend using abilities such as Chaos Volley for continuous damage, Veil of Blood for healing and movement, and defensive spells like Chaos Barrier and Ward of The Damned to block her attacks and summon Skeleton Warriors for assistance

What rewards do I receive for defeating Maja the Dark Savant in V Rising?

Defeating Maja the Dark Savant rewards you with Veil of Illusion (Ability), Study (Research Structure), and Scroll (Resource). Veil of Illusion allows you to dash and elude enemies, while Study is a structure for uncovering new technology, and Scrolls are used as a resource for uncovering new technology at the Study.