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V Rising Sir Magnus The Overseer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to find and defeat Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising to unlock the Ice Block and Phantom's Veil rewards!
V Rising Sir Magnus The Overseer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

If you're looking for a guide on how to beat Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising, you're in the right place. This formidable Level 66 Blood Carrier lurks in the north of Silverlight Hills. As a seasoned high-level boss, it's only natural for players like you to seek guidance on how to conquer this powerful adversary. Luckily, we have your back.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge necessary to triumph over Sir Magnus in V Rising, revealing his location and the bountiful rewards that await: Phantom's Veil and Ice Block. Let it be known that these insights stem from our hard-earned gameplay experience. So, with that out of the way, here's how to defeat Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising.

Updated on 25 May 2023: We've updated this page with the latest changes in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising: Where To Find Sir Magnus The Overseer - Location


Sir Magnus the Overseer is located in the Sacred Silver Mine of Silverlight Hills, in the northwestern part of Vardoran. This perilous and high-level region harbors numerous roaming mobs within and around the mine. Before confronting Sir Magnus in V Rising, it is advisable to unlock the Vampire Waygate positioned at the top right of Silverlight Hills, as it offers the closest access point to the Sacred Silver Mine.

To enter the Sacred Silver Mine, navigate around the right side of the mine until you discover a small, partially concealed path leading to the rear entrance. The main gate will be closed, and typically, there are one or two guards to dispatch before gaining entry. While inside, exercise stealth and swiftness as the mine is teeming with hostile mobs. Progress towards the front gates of the Sacred Silver Mine from within, where Sir Magnus eagerly awaits your arrival.

Note: Other players may attempt raids on the Silver Mine, making it a particularly risky endeavor on a PVP server.

V Rising: How To Beat Sir Magnus The Overseer


Sir Magnus the Overseer poses a significant challenge as a Level 66 Blood Carrier in V Rising, making him a formidable opponent. Given the strength of enemies you will encounter within the mine, we recommend having a Gear Score of 65 or higher to stand a chance against him.

Blood Type

Let's discuss the blood options suitable for this fight. For a melee-focused approach (using a Reaper, Sword, Axe, Scythe, or Mace) against Sir Magnus, we suggest utilizing Brute Blood of 60% or higher Blood Quality. This Blood Type provides excellent sustain through Leech Life, aiding you during the intense brawl. Additionally, Warrior Blood of 50%+ is recommended for its damage reduction, enabling a more aggressive playstyle in melee encounters.

If you prefer a purely ranged build, Rogue Blood of 40% or higher combined with either a Crossbow or Dual Pistols will yield impressive results. This setup allows you to excel in ranged combat, taking advantage of your chosen weapon. Conversely, if you opt for a magic-focused build relying solely on spells, a potent Scholar Blood of 80% or higher is crucial to maximizing your magical potential.


Travel Abilities

Regarding movement abilities, there are two primary recommendations to consider. The first is Veil of Blood, which proves beneficial for a melee assault. This ability provides additional sustain when landing a hit after jumping, enhancing your survivability during close-quarters combat.

The second option is Veil of Bones, which grants a 25% damage boost to your next primary attack after jumping. Moreover, it applies Condemn to those struck by your attack, resulting in a 15% increase in damage taken for 5 seconds. This ability is particularly useful for ranged attacks after repositioning. Additionally, it deals an extra 50% damage to enemies below 30% HP, allowing it to scale effectively as the fight progresses.

Defensive Abilities

In terms of defense against Sir Magnus the Overseer, your best choices are Ward of The Damned or Blood Rite. Ward of The Damned excels in this scenario, as Sir Magnus is a formidable melee fighter. Blocking with the ward will summon a Skeleton Warrior to fight alongside you, effectively drawing aggro and enabling you to reposition for melee backstabs or create distance to resume ranged attacks.


Offensive Abilities

When it comes to offense and defeating Sir Magnus the Overseer, we have two recommended spells to consider.

Firstly, Spectral Wolf is an excellent choice, especially for ranged engagements. This fast projectile inflicts 125% magic damage and applies the Weaken debuff to Sir Magnus. Weaken reduces his damage output by 15% for 5 seconds. It also grants you a Phantasm stack. This slightly reduces cooldowns and has a chance to reset them, allowing for a potential double cast. This makes Spectral Wolf perfect for this particular fight.

The second offensive spell we suggest is Corrupted Skull, which synergizes well with Ward of The Damned. Upon impact, Corrupted Skull launches a projectile dealing 80% magic damage and summons a Skeleton Warrior to aid you. It also applies the Condemn debuff. When the target is below 30% HP, Corrupted Skull receives a 40% damage boost. Combining these spells ensures a constant presence of Skeleton Warriors fighting on your behalf while maintaining the damage amplification on your ranged spells.


Sir Magnus' Moveset

The fight begins as Sir Magnus approaches with his colossal spear, which he swings in an arc. It's relatively easy to evade, but be cautious of the ice after-effect it carries. This extra area-of-effect (AOE) damage makes it essential to maintain a safe distance. Sir Magnus's second attack involves summoning large ice shards. So watch for red circles that mark the targeted locations before the shards materialize. These shards possess substantial destructive power and can impede movement, inflicting slowing and staggering effects upon impact.

You can also utilize your skeletons as a diversionary tactic to draw Sir Magnus the Overseer's attention and create an opportunity for a backstab. Then, when he focuses on the skeletons, take advantage of his distraction and strike him from behind. Alternatively, if you have the Spectral Wolf at your disposal, unleash it upon Sir Magnus. While the wolf engages him, prepare to counter his attacks with Blood Rite, mitigating his damage output. Then, swiftly leap over him, positioning yourself at his rear, and deliver a powerful strike. Finally, to further enhance your defense and sustain, activate Veil of Blood before engaging him.


Once you've brought Sir Magnus the Overseer down to approximately 60% of his HP, the bandits from the mine will come to your aid and join the battle against him. Take advantage of this opportune moment to either replenish your health and gather more blood resources or unleash a barrage of attacks while he is distracted by the bandits. However, be aware that Sir Magnus is far from finished. He will release a devastating three-shard ice blast, launching the shards outward in a cone aimed at you.

It's crucial to note that if you are already under the Chill effect and get hit by this attack, you will be frozen in place. Remember that all his ice attacks will initially apply the Chill effect. If you are hit by another ice attack while already affected by Chill, you will be further incapacitated by being Frozen. Being unable to move while Frozen makes you extremely vulnerable, as Sir Magnus will continue to assail you, potentially inflicting significant damage. When Sir Magnus the Overseer's HP drops below 50%, he enters Phase 2.

In this phase, he retains his previous attacks but gains two additional abilities: Ice Wall and Ice Block. First, he summons an Ice Wall behind you, restricting movement and intensifying the close-quarters combat. Then, to further complicate matters, he employs Ice Block to heal himself and negate any damage you attempt to inflict. After this, he will cycle through all his previous moves, summoning new Ice Walls at different locations. You can use the help of the Bandits and Skeleton Warriors to distract him and land big damage. Apply Condemn and Weaken where possible and wear Sir Magnus the Overseer down.

V Rising: Sir Magnus The Overseer Rewards


You will receive the following rewards for beating Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising: Ice Block (Ice Ability) and Phantom's Veil (Tier 3 Cloak).

  • Ice Block: Turn target ally or self into solid ice rendering them unable to move or act for up to 2.2s. The ice shields for 280% of your spell power, grants immunity to crowd control effects, and heals up to 8% of maximum health while active. 
  • Phantom's Veil: This Tier 3 Clock provides +24 Max Health, +15 Sun Resistance Rating, +15 Garlic Resistance Rating, +15 Silver Resistance Rating, +15 Fire Resistance Rating, and +15 Holy Resistance Rating. It is craftable at the Tailoring Bench and requires 12x Silk + 8x Spectral Dust.

Sir Magnus the Overseer's V Blood description reads:

A fanatical servant of the Church of Luminance, his blind faith in the Light makes him the perfect candidate for Overseer of the Silver Mines. He is willing to look past the vile actions of the church, and even enforces them. if it's in the interest of what he beleives is the greater good. Even if it means doing something he might never condone, such as forced labor, or exiling his beloved daughter.


And that's everything you need to know about how to beat Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising. But why stop there? Did you know we have an expansive library of in-depth V Rising boss guides? Yep! No kidding. Learn how to beat baddies like Gorecrusher the Behemoth, The Winged Horror, and Solarus the Immaculate right now!

V Rising Sir Magnus The Overseer: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising?

Sir Magnus the Overseer is located in the Sacred Silver Mine of Silverlight Hills, in the northwestern part of Vardoran.

What abilities are recommended to beat Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising?

To beat Sir Magnus, you should use Brute or Warrior Blood in combination with the defensive spells Ward of the Damned or Blood Rite; and the offensive spells Spectral Wolf or Corrupted Skull.

What rewards will I unlock for beating Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising?

You will unlock Ice Block (Ice Ability) and Phantom's Veil (Tier 3 Cloak) after beating Sir Magnus the Overseer in V Rising.