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Genshin Impact Drifting Bottle With Letter: How to obtain it

Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining Drifting Bottle With Letter in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is loaded with plenty of mysterious items that Travelers can obtain while completing event tasks or world quests. The Drifting Bottle With Letter is one such item in the game that many players recently spotted while fishing on the fourth day of Genshin Impact’s Lunar Realm event.

Although its exact purpose is unknown at the moment, it’s being speculated that Drifting Bottle With Letter is a quest item that will be needed to trigger any of the upcoming world quests. For those who don’t know, miHoYo has already introduced easter eggs like Someone’s Drifting Bottle that is required to start the Hiromi Watch world quest. So without further ado, here’s how you can obtain it.

How to get Drifting Bottle With Letter in Genshin Impact?

The only way to obtain Drifting Bottle With Letter in Genshin Impact is by successfully catching a fish at Kannazuka. Upon completing the objective, it will directly be added to the players’ inventory, and they can store it for future use. 

Genshin IMpact drifting bottle with letter how to find
The exact location where Genshin Impact players can obtain Drifting Bottle With Letter. (Picture: miHoYo)

The in-game description of Drifting Bottle With Letter states the following:

“A floating bottle that you fished up accidentally. The cork on this bottle has already been damaged, and the letter within has been mildewed. Thankfully, you discovered it in time, or its contents may have become lost to time altogether.”

Genshin IMpact drifting bottle with letter
Drifting Bottle With Letter could be associated with an upcoming world quest. (Picture: miHoYo)

However, as we’ve mentioned earlier, Drifting Bottle With Letter is a part of the Lunar Realm event that will run through September 20th. So make sure to attain it before the event ends.

So there you have it, the guide to getting the Drifting Bottle With Letter in Genshin Impact.


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