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How to get Back 4 Blood Twitch drops and claim Early Access

Here's how you can get a Twitch drop for Back 4 Blood to claim Early Access to the Open Beta, and how to properly link your accounts.
How to get Back 4 Blood Twitch drops and claim Early Access
The long-awaited Back 4 Blood from famed Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios releases on 12th October 2021. Before we get to the full release, there's an Open Beta scheduled to take place in August. While one Open Beta is open to everyone, the other is an Early Access Open Beta for Back 4 Blood. If you want to get into the action early, you can either pre-order the game, hope to get lucky, or you can simply get a Twitch drop for the Early Access Open Beta. In this article, we provide prospective zombie slayers with a step-by-step guide to linking their Warner Bros. and Twitch accounts to get that drop and gain Early Access to Back 4 Blood's Open Beta with ease.

How to enable Back 4 Blood Twitch drops & get Early Access

By enabling Back 4 Blood Twitch drops, you won't have to open your wallet, or even wait until 12th August to get into the Open Beta. Instead, you can join the Early Access Open Beta portion of the test simply by following a few steps.

These steps to get into the Early Access beta are quite easy. You will, however, need to register a Warner Bros. account and have a Twitch account handy. 

Back 4 blood twitch drops how to get enable early access open beta streamers link accounts
(Picture: Turtle Rock Studios / Warner Bros.)

Follow the steps below to enable Back 4 Blood Twitch drops, and mark your calendars to play the highly anticipated co-op FPS zombie-slaying title early.

  • Head on over to the Back 4 Blood Twitch drops page.
  • Create or sign into a free Warner Bros. Games account must be 13 years or older.
  • Connect your Twitch account to your Warner Bros. account. Complete this process by signing in to your Warner Bros. account, then heading to "account settings" and click "connect" to link with Twitch.
  • Watch a Twitch streamer playing Back 4 Blood who has content drops enabled for 60 minutes. Do this starting on 5th August at 20:00 BST.
  • To check on your progress or once you’ve completed the task, go to your Twitch Drops homepage to claim the Drop.

Once you've claimed the Back 4 Blood Twitch drop, simply log into your Warner Bros. account and choose which platform you would like to enjoy the Early Access Open Beta on.

Check out the Back 4 Blood Open Beta trailer below to get excited about some Ridden-slaying action.

Even if you already have access to the Back 4 Blood Open Beta, we suggest you still enable Twitch drops for the game, as we suspect there might be even more rewards in the future.

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