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Dr Disrespect makes appearance at Phoenix Suns' NBA game

While not the first time the Doc's been spotted at an NBA match, the famous content creator got into a bit of an altercation with security this time around.
Dr Disrespect makes appearance at Phoenix Suns' NBA game

If you're at all familiar with streaming culture, you probably wouldn't have a hard time recognizing Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV in public, especially if he's donning his iconic costume featuring the red vest, black wig, sunglasses, and an incredible thick moustache. 

For NBA fans, seeing such a peculiar character has become a bit of a reoccurrence, as Dr Disrespect is a known basketball enthusiast, often making appearances during important matches, with his latest sighting being at the PHX Arena to see game 5 of the Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Clippers Western Conference finals.

Dr Disrespect spotted at NBA game

Dr Disrespect nba suns
(Picture: NBA)

Fans of Doc immediately spotted him, sharing their excitement via social media, as the streamer was seeing alongside rapper Lil Wayne on the stands.

On top of this, Dr Disrespect was caught trying to help Suns' player Cameron Johnson get back on his feet, only for security to step up abruptly to stop him.

It seems the Doc is not as respected at NBA courts as he is at the Champions Arena. Then again, can you blame security for acting out the way they did after seeing such an intimidating man reach out for an NBA superstar?

We thought so.