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Dr Disrespect has no interest in being guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

YouTube streamer, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm has rejected the request of fans to be a guest on Joe Rogan's Spotify podcast, says he would much rather host than be a guest on a show.
Joe Rogan's podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience" has been a massive hit amongst fans and in turn, has grown somewhat of a cult following. The podcast was already immensely popular when it was launched on YouTube but witnessed meteoric growth after becoming a Spotify-exclusive property.

The show has seen several notable icons join as guests, including the likes of David Goggins, Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Jordan Peterson. Despite being highly acclaimed, YouTube star Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm shot down requests by fans to go live on the show.

Dr Disrespect not interested in being guest on Joe Rogan  podcast

In a recent stream, Dr Disrespect explained that he wasn't interested and that he would much rather host his own show than be a guest on the show.

Dr Disrespect rejects fans request for him to appear on Joe Rogan podcast
Dr Disrespect rejects fans request for him to appear on Joe Rogan podcast. (Picture: YouTube / Dr Disrespect)

Responding to a fan's donation, Dr Disrespect said: "Joe Rogan calls and gives you a crisp invite? Probably not. I’m telling you, man. There’s a reason. [If] I’m going on a podcast, I’m gonna go on a podcast my way and that might require additional resources and funding, okay.”

Dr Disrespect didn't appear to even have to give the request much thought. This insinuates that he has zero interest in being a guest on the show.

joe rogan elon musk blaze get high podcast youtube
Joe Rogan chats with Elon Musk on podcast. (Picture: YouTube / Joe Rogan Experience)

Interestingly, Twitch star, Hasan Piker also previously indicated that he would never go on the podcast with Joe Rogan, citing that "Joe Rogan will never have me [on the podcast] because [...] I’ve criticized him too much. It’s just the truth."

While it would be great to see Dr Disrespect on the podcast, perhaps the Doc doesn't want to get into a heated debate with Joe Rogan regarding why he thinks video games are a waste of time.

Otherwise, it's also possible the Doc has other plans up his sleeves. Following the announcement of his new game studio, it's also possible that the Doc may be hosting his own podcast or talk show in the near future.

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Header image via YouTube / Dr Disrespct / Joe Rogan.