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Dr Disrespect no-scope snipes player out of a helicopter in Warzone

YouTube star, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm, lands insane "shot of the century" after no-scope sniping a player in a helicopter during a game of Warzone with ZLaner, TimTheTatman and DrLupo.
YouTube star, Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm, landed the shot of the century after landing an epic no-scope snipe on a player inside of a helicopter, during a Call of Duty Warzone match. The event took place during Dr Disrespect's stream on the 13th of September, whilst he was partied with ZLaner and former Twitch stars, TimTheTatman and DrLupo.

Dr Disrespect landed the no scope snipe situated on top of a rooftop in Verdansk, several hundred meters beneath a flying helicopter. It's unbelievable that he landed the shot at all, let alone without ADSing. Here's exactly what happened.

Dr Disrespect hits crazy no-scope snipe in Warzone

The YouTuber star made the call to his team that they should be on the lookout for a helicopter flying overhead. After running onto the rooftop of a building in Verdansk (and without any hesitation), Dr Disrespect decided to shoot at the helicopter with his Sniper.

Naturally, Dr Disrespect absolutely freaked out after realizing that he had headshot eliminated a player; and admittedly, so did we. We can also hear the tone of disbelief from each of the streamers as they yelled "Oh my god" loudly into their microphones.

It took a few moments for both the Doc and his team to believe what had transpired. We can even hear TimTheTatman confusingly ask: "You did not no-scope a helicopter?"

Dr Disrespect lands "shot of the century" after no-scope sniping player in a helicopter.
Dr Disrespect lands "shot of the century" after no-scope sniping player in a helicopter. (Picture: YouTube / Dr Disrespect)

The Doc then briefly smiled and pointed at the camera. After landing the master class shot, Dr Disrespect swiftly regained his composure and continued with the game.

As you could imagine, the clip quickly went viral online and several members of the Reddit community chirped in to comment. One user summed up the Doc's shot perfectly, commenting: "Shot of the century."

Warzone icon and YouTuber, JGOD, offered a comment on Twitter, saying: "That shot was insane." TimTheTatman also commented and jokingly claimed credit for the epic shot, saying: "I inspired this, you're welcome."

Arguably the best part of this encounter must be ZLaner's reaction, which you can watch in the Twitter link below.

It's a good thing that Dr Disrespect was streaming at the time, otherwise, we doubt anyone would have believed that he made the shot. Let this be a testament to why you should never miss a Dr Disrespect stream - you never know what might just happen.

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Header image via YouTube / Dr Disrespect.