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Keemstar slams H3H3 for "weaponizing" Bashurverse's death

YouTube drama king, Keemstar, calls H3H3 Production's Ethan Klein out on "weaponizing" the death of late Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer, Brandon "Bashurverse" Ashur (ToastyTime).
The Minecraft community were shattered after they learned that popular YouTuber, Brandon "Bashurverse" Ashur (otherwise known as "ToastyTime") had died following an extended battle with COVID-19 and pneumonia. Although the late YouTube star was beloved by many, he was the subject of heated debate after controversial information regarding a previous conviction (involving sexual misconduct with a minor) was leaked online.

Popular Drama Alert YouTuber, Keemstar, covered the leak extensively and interviewed Bashurverse several times regarding the scandal. More recently, Keemstar called out H3H3 Production's Ethan Klein for "weaponizing" Bashur's death, following a post his team put out on Instagram.

Keemstar slams H3H3 for "weaponizing" Bashur's death

In a video posted on Twitter, Keemstar criticized Ethan Klein for "weaponizing" Bashur's death. In the video, Keemstar opened by saying that Bashurverse was a controversial figure on YouTube but implored his followers to be respectful to the late YouTuber's family and friends. He asked that his followers refrain from sharing their opinions or thoughts regarding Bashurverse or his prior controversies. 

Minecraft YouTuber, Bashurverse (otherwise known as ToastyTime) died of COVID-19 and pneumonia on the 13th of September
Minecraft YouTuber, Bashurverse (otherwise known as ToastyTime) died of COVID-19 and pneumonia on the 13th of September. (Picture: YouTube / Bashurverse)

"Wait a week, at least a week, before you put out your opinions on Bashur. It's the respectful thing to do," Keemstar said. Not long after, Keemstar added, "Of course, then you got Ethan Klein once again using another YouTuber's death; weaponizing it as a way to attack me."

Keemstar continued to explain that somebody criticized him on Twitter in response to a photo of Bashur that was uploaded to the Drama Alert Instagram page, which reported on the late Minecraft YouTuber's death. He explained that the person thought the photo was disrespectful as it featured Bashur's most famous controversial moment in a Power Rangers suit.

"And then you got f***ing Ethan Klein retweeting that tweet and then saying some bulls*** underneath it; just weaponizing another YouTuber's death as a way to attack me," the Drama Alert star said before adding, "Of course I have to defend myself because I didn't ruin Bashur's life."

Drama Alert's Keemstar criticizes H3H3's Ethan Klein for weaponizing Bashurverse's death
Drama Alert's Keemstar criticizes H3H3's Ethan Klein for weaponizing Bashurverse's death. (Picture: Instagram / Def Noodles)

Keemstar went on to explain how Bashurverse was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct with a minor and insisted that he did not ruin Bashur's life but merely "held him accountable" to the facts.

Speaking about Ethan Klein, Keemstar concluded by saying: "The fact that this dude has no actual core morals or beliefs and just weaponizes different things to attack different YouTubers; H3H3 go f*** yourself and Bashur, rest in peace."

Keemstar calls out H3H3 on weaponizing Bashur's death
Keemstar calls out H3H3 on weaponizing Bashur's death. (Picture: Instagram / Keemstar)

Ethan Klein and Keemstar have been at each other's necks for some time now. Keemstar is currently suing H3H3 Productions for putting out false information that cost him "millions of dollars" so there's no shot that things would eventually get hairy. He also got H3H3 Production's YouTube channel suspended for several days.

Admittedly, it's a bit unsettling to see them spew over the death of a fellow YouTuber and I feel that this incident is simply being used as another opportunity for Keemstar to bite back at Ethan. What do you think?


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Feature image courtesy of YouTube / Keemstar & H3H3 Productions.