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Logan Paul and KSI reveal Prime Hydration instead of anticipated third bout

YouTube megastars KSI and Logan Paul have set aside their long-standing rivalry to announce Prime Hydration; a new sports drink to instead rival "some of the biggest companies on Earth."
Logan Paul and KSI reveal Prime Hydration instead of anticipated third bout

It's no secret that famous YouTube icons Logan Paul and KSI have had a long-standing rivalry, exemplified by two monumental boxing fights: a debut match in August 2018, followed by a rematch in November 2019.

However, a recent surprise announcement revealed that the YouTube megastars have finally set aside their differences and joined forces. Followingly, the stars launched a brand-new beverage brand, "Prime Hydration," to contend with "some of the biggest companies" in the world, an announcement many fans did not anticipate.

Indeed, many fans were instead expecting a third bout to their years-long feud after KSI was ultimately crowned victorious. However, while their rivalry certainly caused waves online and contributed immensely to their surge to internet stardom, both YouTube stars have also successfully penetrated other industries, including professional boxing, music, film and cryptocurrency.

Logan Paul & KSI reveal new beverage brand Prime Hydration

On 29th December 2021, KSI posted a somewhat cryptic poster regarding an upcoming announcement entitled "The Final Chapter." According to the initial tweet, the announcement would happen on 4th January at 1:00 PST on Instagram Live.

Followingly, many anticipated that the announcement would be a third boxing match between the two YouTube stars; however, this was not the case.

Instead, KSI and Logan Paul revealed a new sports drink brand called Prime Hydration.

During the Instagram Live broadcast on 4th January, Logan Paul revealed that his rivalry with KSI was over and that they were now "officially business partners."

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"We have created a hydration beverage called Prime Hydration to rival some of the biggest companies on Earth, [like] Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, and Powerade," Logan said. But, KSI added, "We are up against the biggest companies to try and be up there with them."

How to buy KSI and Logan Paul's Prime Hydration drink?

During the Instagram Live feed, Logan revealed that Prime Hydration was being rolled out to Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, GNC, Ralph's, and Vitamin Shoppe stores across the United States.

At the moment, Prime Hydration will only be available in the United States; however, they will also be expanding to Tesco and Asda stores in the United Kingdom "in a few months."

ksi logan paul beverage brand prime hydration
Logan Paul and KSI launched a new beverage brand, Prime Hydration, launching in the US and UK this year. (Picture: Twitter / Logan Paul)

Further in the Instagram Live stream, the YouTube stars said that a particular focus was placed on the drink's taste. "It tastes f***king amazing," said Logan. Ending off the stream, Logan added that 2022 was "the year of love" and embraced KSI as his "brother."

KSI and Logan Paul are clearly passionate about their new collaborative business venture. We will endeavour to provide more details regarding any further information regarding their Prime Hydration drink.


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Featured image courtesy of Logan Paul and KSI.