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Minecraft Creator Dream Finally Does Public Face Reveal

After years of creating faceless content for YouTube, popular Minecraft creator Dream has finally revealed his face. Here's everything that went down during the reveal!
Minecraft Creator Dream Finally Does Public Face Reveal

Clay, otherwise known as Dream, is an American content creator who produces YouTube and Twitch content. While dabbling in other games, Dream built his following around his Minecraft-related content. 

Dream has a well-known series called "Minecraft Manhunt" and often speedruns the game. The YouTube star has amassed over 40 million subscribers as of September 2022, with over 3 billion views collectively on all his videos.

Despite being one of the biggest content creators on the platform, Dream has managed to go his entire career until now without ever revealing his face. His first name was leaked after one of his friends had his name saved as "Clay Dream," but that is the closest we as the general public have ever come to knowing Dream's real identity. 

Until now...

Dream's Face Reveal

It was announced that Dream would be doing a face reveal sometime on October 2. Before this, however, he face-timed with a few friends and other content creators in order to build the hype and the suspense. 

Subsequently, these content creators then uploaded their "#FacetimeWithDream" onto Twitter, hyping up the general public even more!

Then, a little after the scheduled announcement, Dream uploaded a preview for his face reveal. Around twenty minutes later, a short five-minute video premiered to over two hundred thousand people on his channel alone*.

*It should be noted that other content creators were also watching the Dream preview on their respective channels. Popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren received his highest view count ever at just over 150,000 watching the premier. 

What Dream Had To Say

Dream Face Reveal
Dream hiding behind a green screen to troll his fans (Picture: Dream)

The video opens up with a series of bait and switches. Dream initially has his back to the camera before moving to his bed and covering his face with a blanket. From there, he stands behind a green screen, asking his audience to get him to certain subscribers and likes milestones before he'll do the real face reveal.

Eventually, Dream drops his signature mask to reveal his real face. He starts with a small introduction, confirming his real name is, in fact, Clay, before proceeding onto the reasoning behind this impromptu face reveal. 

Why Dream Did A Face Reveal

Dream Face Reveal
Dream finally reveals his real face (Picture: Dream)

Dream outlines that his friend is planning to move to the USA in order to live with him. Fans of Minecraft Manhunt will likely already know this person and Dream, and he planned on making a video where they meet for the first time in the airport. Naturally, this would require Dream to reveal his face, so the reveal was more out of necessity than desire. 

That being said, Dream does express that he has long held a desire to "start doing things, get out, meet creators, say hi to [his] friends finally." Therefore, it is clear that this face reveal was also something Dream wanted to do and was in no way influenced by fan outcry or leakers. 

Dream's Closing Statement

After trying to acclimatize himself to being on camera by pointing to various objects around his room, Dream delivers his final few words. Dream states that he will continue to do what he has been doing all this time - that being, creating great Minecraft content. 

Despite what many thought after the reveal, Dream has confirmed that he will likely not be adding a face cam to any of his future videos. However, to satiate his fans' desire to see his face more, he will start to create more IRL content from now onwards. 

Dream continues on to express his gratitude to his fans for following him on this journey. He says that "Dream could have been anyone... Anyone could have been under the mask," as a means of inspiring would-be content creators to get out there and make their dreams come true. 

Dream closes by saying he "will be forever in debt to [his] viewers, [his] subscribers" and that he "loves you guys." Then, after a final few lines of text, the premier ended, and YouTube history was made. 

What Does This Mean For Dream Going Forward?

As mentioned, Dream has stated that his face will not be making regular appearances in any of his future videos. He does state that he has several IRL and Minecraft IRL ideas in the pipeline, some of which he could not do until he revealed his face.

Things will likely continue as they have been for Dream, but hopefully, we will now see more collaborations between Dream and other content creators in real life. Popular content creators like Mr. Beast have collaborated with Dream in the past, but never in person. It would be great to see these two titans of the platform join forces for a video at some time or another.

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Featured image courtesy of Dream.