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Minecraft star Dream smashes 25 million YouTube subscriber milestone

Popular Minecraft icon and YouTuber, Dream, recently smashed a major milestone on YouTube after he reached a whopping 25 million subscribers! Congratulations, Dream!
Minecraft star Dream smashes 25 million YouTube subscriber milestone

YouTuber, Dream, is an iconic (but enigmatic) figure within the Minecraft community. He is famed for his Minecraft speed runs and owns one of the highest-profile Minecraft servers. Despite his fair share of controversies, including his admission to cheating during his speed runs, Dream is adored by his fans and the proof is in the pudding!

Dream recently announced that he reached 25 million subscribers on YouTube, which is a massive milestone that not many content creators ever reach. This comes just days after he reached 24 million subscribers after he celebrated his two-year anniversary on YouTube.

Minecraft icon Dream reaches 25 million subscribers on YouTube

Dream announced that he reached his achievement on Twitter on the 1st of August. He also thanked his fans and said that he "could never have dreamed" of reaching this milestone.

"25 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! Thank you so much [smile emoji], I could have never dreamed it. Streaming in a little to celebrate [big smile emoji]. Love u guys", he said.

youtuber dream minecraft speedrunner 25 million youtube subscribers
Dream reaches 25 million subscribers on YouTube (Picture: YouTube / Dream)

Fans congratulated Dream on Twitter. "25 million [subscribers] is crazy! You work so hard for it and deserve every one! You're taking over the world and I am excited to see what else you're gonna do!", Youtuber Scott Smajor wrote.

Twitch streamer, GeeNelly also extended their congratulations. "You really do be zoooooming through the youtube game!! congrats dream", they wrote. We think the term "speedrunning" through the YouTube game is a better fit though.

dream youtube minecraft star
Dream playing Minecraft (Picture: YouTube / Dream)

Dream subsequently launched a limited edition "25 million subscribers" merch drop, which Minecraft fans can purchase at the Dream Shop. The designs are epic and every purchase will equate to 1 mob spawned.

Congratulations on your incredible achievement, Dream, from all of us at GINX Esports TV! Hopefully, the next "big news" from the Minecraft star will be a much-anticipated face reveal.

Until then, be sure to watch Dream's celebratory Minecraft stream, linked below.

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Header image via YouTube / Dream.