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Minecraft streamer Jikishi banned from Dream SMP after sexting underaged girls

Minecraft streamer Jikishi has been removed from the Dream SMP after he confirmed having sexually charged conversations with underaged girls, in which he also allegedly asked and received explicit media from children.
Minecraft streamer Jikishi banned from Dream SMP after sexting underaged girls

Minecraft streamer Demetrius, also known online as Jikishi, has been banned from the Dream SMP following several allegations of him grooming and soliciting underage girls. Accordingly, Demetrius confirmed the accuracy of the allegations privately with Dream, which prompted his removal from the platform.

On 25th October, Valkcy posted a Twitlonger revealing how Demetrius attempted to have sexually charged conversations with them, despite expressing their disinterest in him sexually. Valkcy was only 14 years of age at the time. "I can no longer ignore it as his audience of young and impressionable girls is growing by the second," Valkcy said.

Demetrius from Dream SMP was accused of grooming and soliciting underage girls.

"He would frequently ask me for nudes, 'joke' about us sending nudes to each other, and talk to me about my body and sex. When I was 14 and 15, Demetrius and I exchanged explicit pictures (he sent me his d*#k and asked for t*# pics, to which I agreed as well as him paying me for one instance). He was 19 & 20," Valkcy stated in their TwitLonger.

Valkcy added, "I wanted to keep talking to him because I didn't want to lose one of my best friends, so I tried to ignore and disregard it when he made sexual remarks towards me."

Valkcy's account subsequently encouraged several other individuals to share their experiences with Demetrius.

Another Twitter user, chaoticJaden, was compelled to speak about their experience with Demetrius and revealed how he asked and received multiple nude photos of them when they were just 14 years old.

"We were best friends, and he was there for me when nobody else was. He made me feel safe. I trusted him and truly believed he cared about me. Our relationship turned from best friends to sexual really quickly. He constantly asked me for sexual favors… including nudes and videos. " Jaden said

demetrius child pornography nude sexting allegations dream smp jikishi
Demetrius allegedly asked and received nude photos from underage girls. (Picture: Twitter / chaoticjaden)

Jaden continued, saying: "We exchanged pictures multiple times. He asked me for pictures every day and saved the pictures I had sent to him on a folder on his computer," adding "at this time I was 14, and he was 19."

There are at least another dozen similar accounts circulating on Twitter at the time of writing.

Minecraft streamer Jikishi confirmed alleged grooming privately with Dream

On 26th October, Dream confirmed that he removed Demetrius from the SMP server, citing: "[I] removed Demetrius from the SMP for gross accusations that he also confirmed privately were accurate," adding that he was "disgusted and incredibly disappointed."

dream removed jikishi demetrius minecraft smp grooming allegations confirmed
Dream removes Jikishi from SMP server following several accusations of grooming underage girls. (Picture: Twitter / Dream Secret Club)

"I will never let things like this stop me from trying to uplift members of the community and smaller content creators. It's part of what makes our community great. So stick together, be there to people who need it, and always be safe online," Dream concluded.

At the time of writing, Demetrius has yet to give a public statement.


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Featured image courtesy of Dream on YouTube / Jikishi on Twitter.