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RFLCT store disappears as Valkyrae distances herself from skincare brand

Valkyrae's RFLCT website and its products have reportedly been removed online amidst the blue light controversy.
RFLCT store disappears as Valkyrae distances herself from skincare brand

Amidst the drama and controversy surrounding her RFLCT skincare line, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has made her feelings known about the project in the fallout. The YouTube streamer has faced scrutiny for claiming to protect the skin from blue light.

While Valkyrae has since issued comments surrounding the dubious blue light claims, it appears that there is new development regarding the project. Remnants of the full website and the products have seemingly disappeared online.

RFLCT website, products gone without a trace

In the days following the backlash, the YouTube streamer has toyed with the idea of abandoning her contract with Ideavation Labs. Leaked Discord DMs between Valkyrae and Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren further displayed how Valkyrae truly feels about the products and how she believed her team.

A recent development unfolded as the RFLCT website had been removed online, and in its place is a static page with a countdown timer and a sign-up box. A Twitter user broke the news online that the RFLCT website had been reset, citing that it may have disappeared.

valkyrae rflct skincare products removed ulta online store screenshot
ULTA appears to have removed RFLCT skincare products from its online store. (Picture: Twitter / EthanNotFound)

Additionally, the products that were intended to retail at ULTA also had been removed from its online store. This was first notified by another Twitter user who commented on the original Tweet in response to the RFLCT website change.

Many have commented citing that it can only be a sign of changes and possibly good news arriving soon, as one Twitter user pointed out.

valkyrae photoshoot merch
What is the next move for Valkyrae? (Picture: Twitter / Valkyrae)

While we can only hope that something good is coming soon, more people have added their voice to the controversy, which continued to spark conversation. Nadeshot commented on how Valkyrae became the target within the gaming community following the skincare backlash.


Beauty influencer and YouTube content creator James Welsh spoke out on how people easily cancelled the RFLCT skincare line when there are notable organisations that deserve similar treatment.

Despite the opinions from many online, there is no report of the recent changes to the RFLCT website and the products’ removal from the ULTA online store. Valkyrae has yet to comment on this latest development as we will provide more updates when more information becomes available.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Valkyrae.