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Warrant out for YouTuber Boogie2988's arrest following gun incident

Following an incident where YouTuber Boogie2988 fired his gun when Frank Hassle visited his house, a warrant has been issued for Steven Jay Williams's arrest.
Warrant out for YouTuber Boogie2988's arrest following gun incident

Back in September 2020, we reported on an incident YouTuber Steven "Boogie2988" Williams pointed a gun at Frank Hassle and proceeded to fire a warning shot into the air. This was after months of harassment from Frank Hassle, who, for the lack of a better term, hassled Boogie2988 and showed up at his house after a drawn-out feud. 

Even back in September, Boogie2988 announced in a video following the incident that this is now a criminal investigation and explained what went down. Catch up in the video below before we continue.

In the early hours of the morning on 11th May 2021, Drama Alert's, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem announced on Twitter that he just got off the phone with Boogie2988, who has revealed there is a warrant out for his arrest in Washington County for the incident.

Boogie2988 arrest warrant issued

Keemstar revealed on Twitter that there's an arrest warrant out on Boogie2988. Further, Boogie has arranged with his attorney to turn himself in on Wednesday, 12th May 2021. This is as a result of firing his gun into the air during the incident where Frank Hassle visited his home.

As per the Washington County's government website, the image below showcases Boogie2988's arrest warrant is for "Aggravated Assault". 

boogie2988 arrest warrant Steven Jay Williams Frank Hassle Keemstar gun fire incident Washington county

(Picture: Washington County via Keemstar)

Following the reveal of the arrest warrant, Keemstar took to Twitter, sharing a video and asking fans to defend Boogie2988.

In the video, Keemstar explained: "Frank Hassle was making all these memes and all these jokes online that he was going to go harass Boogie2988 in real life, right? Everything thought it was a joke until Frank actually showed up at Boogie's house. For months and months of this harassment, Boogie was f$%king terrified. I know cause I talked to him, he was terrified that Frank was coming.

"I kept telling Boogie Frank isn't showing up, but Frank did show up at his house. And when Frank got there, Boogie shot a warning shot up in the f$%king air because he was terrified for his life, terrified for his family, his dog, his friend."

Keemstar continued by explaining how they all made memes about the incident. However, that's just how the internet is according to Keemstar, and now there's a warrant out for Boogie2988's arrest, and he is staring down the barrel of a Federal charge.

Keemstar is therefore calling on fans to support and defend Boogie2988. 

Boogie2988 himself didn't say a lot about the warrant, only explaining on Twitter that: "So news circulating around me: can’t really comment for obvious reason. Thank you and anyone for support in this situation tho. I am gonna do the right thing and do it by the book.  Glad to cooperate with authorities.  Heading home today to do so."

Frank Hassle only commented with one line, stating: "I hope he gets the help he needs."

boogie2988 arrest warrant Steven Jay Williams Frank Hassle Keemstar gun fire incident Washington county(Picture: Frank Hassle via Twitter)

This is a developing story and we will update you on the Boogie2988 arrest warrant for firing a gun into the air drama involving Frank Hassle as more information becomes available.

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