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Andrew Tate Hates Cats, Says Cat Owners Are D*ckheads

Andrew Tate professed his adoration for dogs and claims cat owners are "d*ckheads." Here's why he hates cats.
Andrew Tate Hates Cats, Says Cat Owners Are D*ckheads

Andrew Tate has gone viral in the past few months for various opinions most would deem over the line. Some of his takes have aligned with many people, while others have put him in the hot seat. From sharing his views against marriage to claiming that he's been to space, Andrew Tate’s been influencing the world (for better or worse), one remark at a time.

The four-time former kickboxing world champion dished out a more unusual but somewhat sensible opinion than his more notable remarks; specifically, this was centered around his feelings towards dogs and cats. He stated that he disliked cats because they were “useless” compared to dogs; Andrew Tate also boldly claimed that anyone who thinks “cats are [better than] dogs is a moron.”

Why Does Andrew Tate Hate Cats?

Andrew Tate loves dogs hates cats
Andrew Tate loves dogs. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

In a dated YouTube clip, Andrew Tate professed his intense dislike for cats, saying, “Anyone who tries to pretend cats are as good as dogs is a moron by default. Dogs are useful. Dogs can do things. You can have a police dog, an attack dog, a guide dog, [or] a guard dog.”

Andrew Tate further highlighted his love for canines and the loyalty and usefulness dogs held as pets. “Dogs rescue bodies from rubble after earthquakes. Dogs genuinely save and improve lives.”

Andrew Tate has sparked intense discussion following his controversial opinions as a former kickboxer who’s taken the phrase “speaking truthfully” to its extremes. This latest remark is, while perhaps less scandalous, still equally divisive.

In the clip, viral influencer continued to make further bold claims regarding anyone proclaiming cats to be better than dogs. In particular, Andrew Tate said “cats do nothing” and noted how these furry felines “wait for [pet owners] to feed them” but don’t genuinely love their owners.

Andrew Tate hate cats
Andrew Tate hates cats. (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

“Your cat doesn’t f*cking love you. A dog; you know it loves you. It literally stares at you as you walk through the room, and it gets happy. [...] A cat doesn’t give a sh*t. A cat just leaves the house out of the window, comes back when it's hungry, lets you stroke it a little bit, and f*cks off again,” he said.

Generally, Andrew Tate says that anyone pretending to believe cats are better than dogs is a “moron” because canines are supposedly way more “useful” than felines. The influencer believes dogs to better than humans and any other animal because they’re willing to protect and die for their owners.

Andrew Tate call cat owner morons
Andrew Tate calls cat owners "d*ckheads." (Picture: Instagram / Andrew Tate)

In a survival situation, Andrew Tate says “he’d happily eat a cat” and would “never eat a dog.” Uncertain if meant jokingly, the internet icon calls cat owners “liberals [and] democrats” and people who “believe in hate speech.” He concludes the remark by calling cat owners “d*ckheads.”

It’s safe to assume that the kickboxer-turned-influencer meant most of these takes to troll cat owners and those who love fluffy felines, but what’s for sure is Andrew Tate really loves dogs. So much, he states any “republican” should have a dog for a pet.

Watch the full YouTube clip below.

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Featured image courtesy of Andrew Tate /  Instagram and Unsplash.