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YouTube Prankster JiDion Arrested And Jailed In Paris

YouTuber and prankster JiDion found himself in hot water after claiming that he was arrested by French authorities and jailed for a night in Paris.
YouTube Prankster JiDion Arrested And Jailed In Paris

Popular YouTube creator Jidon "JiDion" Adams is best known for his humorous stunts on YouTube. While entertaining, his "over the top" videos have often landed the internet star in trouble, including his hate raid of Pokimane's, resulting in a Twitch permaban. More recently, however, the YouTube prankster reported getting into trouble with the French police.

In a Tweet, JiDion claimed he’d been arrested in Paris and jailed for a night. The reason behind the arrest is still unknown. However, fans online suspect it may have been because one of his YouTube stunts went wrong, with some speculating that an arrest was "bound to happen." Still, it doesn't appear JiDion is fazed, stating that a “banger" video explaining what transpired will be released soon.

YouTuber JiDion Allegedly Arrested And Jailed In Paris

This isn't the first time JiDion's faced some trouble with authorities.
This isn't the first time JiDion's faced some trouble with authorities. (Picture: Instagram / JiDion)

According to JiDion's vague Twitter post on 11th August 2022, the YouTuber claimed he’d been arrested in France and spent the night in a Paris prison cell. In a follow-up Tweet, JiDion told his fans that they should anticipate a “banger soon,” presumably another one of his funny videos debuting on YouTube shortly.

As of writing, JiDion hasn’t addressed the reason behind his arrest. But he did post another Tweet stating he ventured into the catacombs of Paris and spent the night sleeping in them. He also informed fans of his excitement, saying, “literally can’t wait for y’all to see this.”

To date, JiDion has over five million subscribers on YouTube, boasting an insane four hundred million views. So, it's safe to say he is one of the most prominent YouTubers on the platform, with his antics and content theme directed toward pranking people or establishments and making people laugh.

However, the YouTube star attracted major attention after one of his uproaring controversies went viral; this was when JiDion Twitch raided Imane “Pokimane” Anys and got his users to spam toxic insults during Pokimane’s live stream. This harassment later resulted in JiDion getting a permanent ban from the platform.

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This is a capture posted on JiDion's Twitter that claimed he'd been arrested and jailed by French authorities. (Picture: Twitter / JiDion)

Since then, JiDion has predominantly been posting pranking or humorous videos on YouTube. Some of his videos show him faking to be a referee for a basketball game; other content sees JiDion taunting the Queen of England’s guard.

However, it seems his latest actions might signal that he isn't finished pushing the boundaries of the law just yet. Until his video debuts or JiDion adds more context to the claims of being arrested and jailed, fans will have to wait to be sure. For now, stay tuned to his content for more updates.

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram / JiDion.