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YouTuber Niko Pranks KSI, Sneaks In Boxing Ring As Prime Mascot

YouTuber Nikolas "Niko" Omilana snuck into Olajide Olayinka Williams "KSI" Olatunji’s boxing match to prank him. Find out what happened.
YouTuber Niko Pranks KSI, Sneaks In Boxing Ring As Prime Mascot

For the past few years, comedy has taken many forms. One form that’s trended exponentially and is seen in clips and videos spread across almost every social media platform is pranks. The world’s seen some of the best pranks and pranksters like JiDion, who was banned by Twitch, sneak into Twitchcon as a joke. 

One individual known for sneaking into boxing rings and many other pranks, Nikolas "Niko" Omilana, snuck into Olajide Olayinka Williams "KSI" Olatunji’s boxing match on 28th August 2022. In a hilarious YouTube video posted on 5th September 2022, Niko detailed the entire setup process, experience, and the absolutely baffled KSI reacting to the reveal.

Niko Pranks KSI During Boxing Match

niko pranked ksi boxing event
Niko pranked KSI at his boxing event. (Picture: YouTube/ Niko)

As a popular YouTuber and prankster with nearly six million followers under his belt, Niko has attempted to sneak into various boxing matches but never made it to the center of the ring. 

He achieved that in his latest hilarious prank through some pretty insane planning and execution featuring fellow YouTuber, Kysha. Here’s how it all went down.

Following Niko’s plan to sneak into KSI’s major boxing event, he asked Kysha to pose as the creator of a Prime mascot; Prime is a beverage owned and marketed by KSI and Logan Paul. Once the mascot was created, Kysha posed to be the owner and even created a video on it supporting the claim. 

Kysha got the mascot trending on KSI’s Reddit and had the chance to attend the event. During the rehearsal, the YouTuber stood around for four hours doing nothing, just to make it seem believable that Kysha would be KSI’s mascot during the boxing match.

niko ksi mascot interview
Niko even stood behind KSI bobbing the mascot around while he was interviewed. (Picture: YouTube / Niko)

Once returned to the hotel, Kysha quickly took off the mascot for Niko to wear. This is where the action started; Niko passed security multiple times and even went to the backend production room to play around with the lighting inside the arena.

After exploring and meeting various people, including all the other boxers participating throughout the event, Niko met KSI but didn’t usher a word, hoping to stay incognito.

He joined the boxer in an interview, appearing behind him while he talked to the interviewer, bobbing around like nothing was happening.

ksi shocked find niko mascot
KSI was genuinely shocked to find Niko under the mascot. (Picture: YouTube / Niko)

When the fight started, Niko joined KSI and walked behind him; things started becoming hilarious. The YouTuber waved his hands as the boxer made his way to the ring.

Upon arriving, Niko unmasked himself and revealed to the world who truly was under the Prime mascot. After KSI’s boxing match, Niko revealed himself, and he was completely baffled. 

In the end, Niko finally entered the ring without being tossed directly out, and KSI had quite a laugh after finding out. The boxer eventually chuckled again while viewing posts on his Reddit, and the community dubbed it a prank that fooled KSI and the YouTube community combined.

Feel free to watch the hilarious video above.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Niko.