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YouTuber Sherwin stops mugging while livestreaming

A small Youtube livestreamer called Sherwin stopped a mugging/robbery in progress, saving a man from his attacker.
YouTuber Sherwin stops mugging while livestreaming

Not all heroes wear capes...sometimes they wear tech to livestream their daily lives to YouTube. Enter Sherwin, a small-time YouTuber with only 45,000 channel views, with a big heart. During a recent livestream, Sherwin stopped a mugging/robbery in progress, saving a man from his attacker, shielding the victim en calling the police as onlookers stood by.

YouTuber saves man from mugging

While YouTube and Twitch livestreamers can get up to some odd antics, Sherwin's heroic deed is something else.

During a recent livestream, the YouTuber was passing through Leicester Square in London, when he saw something happen across the street.

YouTuber sherwin saves asian man mugged robbery London livestream(Picture: Sherwin)

With both a face and point-of-view cam, Sherwin hurried to an incident where an Asian man on a bike was being mugged. 

Sherwin shielded the victim who fell over, fending off the attacker multiple times before people started grouping up and the attacker ran away.

In the past year, there has been rising hate crimes against Asian people, and with the #StopAsianHate movement going strong, Sherwin's act has been spread across social media. 

Taking to Twitter, Sherwin thanked everyone for the kind messages and comments, noting how he knows what it feels like to get attacked for no reason.

The YouTuber also shared a full seven-hour video of what happened after the clip, which you can view below.

Good job Sherwin, good job. In a time where kindness is rare, this YouTuber went out of his way to save someone, potentially putting himself in danger.

We need more Sherwin's in the world, that's for sure...