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Mobile games are all the rage these days because you can play them anywhere and at any time, conveniently from your mobile device. In addition, these games allow people to connect by playing together or alone and are incredibly easy to install.

Unsurprisingly, the mobile gaming industry has exploded with the widespread availability of powerful mobile devices and continued hardware performance enhancements. In 2021, there were 2.6 billion people who played mobile games, and this number is projected to grow this year.

There is a wide array of free-to-play games; however, others require purchasing or in-app purchases to unlock special features or items in the game. Despite this, there’s something for everybody as mobile games come in various styles, ranging from action to puzzle and strategy games.

What are the best mobile games in the world?

One of the best mobile games in the world is currently PUBG Mobile. This game was the highest-grossing mobile game in 2020 and 2021 and now features an average of 42 thousand active daily players. So naturally, fans of the console or computer version of PUBG will love the mobile version. 

PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale game that pits players against each other in a match of 100. You and the other players drop onto an island where you can gather guns, ammo, and armor to fight the other players. The last person alive is the winner of the match.

Another popular mobile game is Garena Free Fire, a battle royale and hero shooter with many unique features. Garena Free Fire is a great game for anyone looking to join the battle royale genre, especially given the selection of about 39 playable characters.

For players looking for something more casual, Roblox is a great platform to play all sorts of games. Developers and users can create games to add to the Roblox collection. Popular games on Roblox include obstacle courses, simulators, and action games, among hundreds of others.

Last but not least, Genshin Impact is a wonderful high-quality experience popular among many role-play gamers. Players, or more appropriately, Travelers, get to adventure and advance four different characters through quests and turn-based combat in Teyvat. In addition, a multiplayer feature is unlocked at Adventure Rank 16, which allows you to fight alongside your friends or others.

Can you play mobile games offline?

There are tons of mobile games that allow for offline play, but a handful of them require an internet connection to participate. Similarly, there are also games that you can play single-player without an internet connection. But of course, most games will require the internet to download them to your device unless it comes preinstalled. 

Certain mobile games allow for both offline and online play by offering a single and multiplayer option or by having leaderboards where you can upload your scores to see how you rank against other players. Of course, if a game is always designed to be a multiplayer game, it will need the internet to play. PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile are examples of games that require the internet to participate.

Ideal mobile games for beginners

With so many mobile games to choose from, it can be challenging to find a favorite to start with. Here is a list of ideal mobile games for beginners available on most mobile devices.

  • Temple Run - Temple Run is an excellent game for beginners as you control a character who is constantly running while you control where the character stands, jumps, and slides. 

  • Angry Birds - Angry Birds requires players to launch an Angry Bird at a tower. The objective is to knock all pigs off the tower to advance to the next level.

  • Dots - A simple game that requires connecting similar colored dots to earn points and advance to new levels.

  • Crossy Road - Like the classic Frogger game, Crossy Roads is an endless runner where players have to safely get their character across the road while facing obstacles and harmful elements.

  • Fruit Ninja - Fruit Ninja is an action game that requires players to swipe at the fruit flying across the screen. Different points are rewarded for slicing a variety of fruit, but hitting a bomb will end the session.

  • Plant Nanny - This is a great game to combine your gaming and health. The game requires you to log when you’ve drank water, which helps grow a virtual plant or tree. 

  • Candy Crush - A classic mobile game where the player has to match candy to earn points, break barriers, and set off candy explosions.

To find more games similar to games you already like, you can search through app stores by genre. 

Mobile Games esports

Mobile games have become so popular that they’ve become a part of esports. One of the most prominent esports mobile games is PUBG Mobile, represented by professional leagues like PUBG Mobile’s PMCO and PMPL global events. Ghost Gaming is presently the best esports team in PUBG Mobile.

Another mobile game that is quickly gaining popularity is Garena Free Fire. In 2021, the viewership for Garena Free Fire exploded, and the 2021 Free Fire World Series saw a peak of 5.4 million viewers. Garena Free Fire is a battle royale shooter with 50-player matches.

Call of Duty Mobile is also gaining more audience time. The Grand Finals in December 2022 will bring together the best 16 international teams to compete for the championship.

Like other sporting events, esports enthusiasts can watch matches live-streamed on platforms like Youtube and Twitch and even bet on their favorite players or teams competing in mobile esports games. With the rise of mobile games, esports will have more options for games to host.