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Dead by Daylight - Should You Prestige Characters Before The Rework?

With the Dead by Daylight prestige rework coming up, many players are asking whether they should prestige their characters before the rework or not. We have answered this burning question so you can make the most of your Bloodpoints.
Dead by Daylight - Should You Prestige Characters Before The Rework?
Dead by Daylight's upcoming July 2022 prestige rework will completely switch up the prestige system, making it much easier but no longer optional to prestige characters.

With such big changes coming up, lots of people are wondering whether they should prestige their Dead by Daylight characters before the rework, or wait until after.

In this article, we'll go over the best decision to make so you can get the most out of your hard-earned Bloodpoints. 

Should I prestige my Dead by Daylight characters before the rework?

Dead by Daylight prestige rework preview
Developers released preview images of the upcoming Dead by Daylight prestige rework. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Whether you should prestige 3 your Dead by Daylight characters before the prestige rework depends on if you're interested in the unique reward developers are offering, and how many Bloodpoints you're willing to throw away.

Prior to the rework, players can prestige a character at level 50 to earn a cosmetic, but it will take away all of the perks, items, and offerings they've earned on that character. 

After the rework, prestige will no longer be optional - players will now be able to reach prestige level 50, and will automatically level up their prestige. This will reduce the grind significantly, though, because users won't lose their items, offerings, or perks when they level up. Plus, prestiging a character will now make their perks available on all other characters.

In other words, it's significantly more financially viable to reach prestige 3 after the rework. You won't lose your items, offerings, and perks when you prestige, and all other characters. 

But Bloodpoints aren't the only thing you should take into consideration. 

Pre-rework prestige 3 reward

Dead by Daylight prestige bloodweb
Dead by Daylight's prestige update will feature bonuses for those who prestiged before the rework. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

You may want to consider reaching prestige 3 on some characters prior to the update if you want the unique reward Behavior is providing for them. 

It makes sense that Behaviour would want to honor players who reached prestige 3 before the rework since it will take much fewer Bloodpoints to prestige after the update. 

While Behaviour has already stated they are not providing a cosmetic or charm for those who have reached prestige 3 before the rework, they have another prize in store. If you reach prestige 3 on a character before the rework, you'll receive a special icon that will show after each match in the place of the usual prestige icon. 

If you care about having the unique prestige icon after playing matches as a character, then yes, you should prestige that character before the rework.

Otherwise, you should wait until after the rework to prestige your characters.

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight guides, tips, leaks, and news, be sure to check out our dedicated section.

Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.