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Diablo Immortal New Bug Fixes (January 2024): All Platforms Patch Notes

Find the latest Diablo Immortal patch notes focusing on bug fixes from hotfix updates on all platforms.
Diablo Immortal New Bug Fixes (January 2024): All Platforms Patch Notes

Ever wondered what those small Diablo Immortal updates that download in moments do? These are generally hotfix updates featuring only bug fixes. You might not even notice them at times, and some can be server-side. 

While Diablo Immortal gets regular content updates and new seasons, the details of which are advertised clearly for all to see, this consistently updated article shares the latest Diablo Immortal bug fixes, so you always know exactly what Blizzard has been tinkering with or fixing.

Update on 10 January 2024: We've updated this article and looked for any new bug fixes for Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Latest Bug Fixes Patch Notes

Below, you can click on the drop-down boxes to find the latest Diablo Immortal bug fix patch notes per date.

10 January 2024: Survivor's Bane and gameplay fixes


  • Optimized visuals of the Wizard's Sprightspark legendary affix by removing its blue frame effect.
  • Fixed minor user interface issues with the Familiars feature.
  • Fixed an issue where interrupting the Familiars system Melding process would obscure the resulting confirmation screen until the Melding process was run again.
  • Fixed an issue with Hero's Journey where some of its objectives couldn't be completed.
  • Fixed an issue where Skill cooldowns weren’t triggered.
  • Fixed an issue with Darkling Plane where it unintentionally linked out to a region-specific survey.

Survivor's Bane

  • Fixed an issue where milestone rewards wouldn't grant Battle Points.
  • Fixed an issue where the event's task to defeat bosses wouldn't grant Battle Points.
  • Fixed an issue that depicted the incorrect amount of Battle Points for completing 15 and 20 games and also for reaching Level 20.
  • Fixed an issue where players didn’t receive Equipment Enhancements after leveling all their Skills to their maximum level.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would stop spawning in Endless Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Endless Mode's timer would unintentionally reset at the 60-minute mark.
  • Fixed an issue with on-screen visuals being overly stretched in vertical mode on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the portal which advances players to the next level appeared at inaccessible locations.
  • Fixed an issue with the splash screen's dimensions.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented some players from interacting with the event's entry point.


  • Fixed an issue where incorrect Platinum service fees were displayed in Wynton’s Grand Market.
6 December 2023: Diablo Immortal Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the player’s character was not appearing in the character selection screen after transferring servers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Demon Hunter's Daring Swing skill that prevented the player from utilizing its mobility effect to transition from the starting area of Battleground into the rest of the combat zone.


  • Fixed an issue with the First Kill of the Day system that prevented players from logging in.
4 October 2023 Diablo Immortal bug fixes & iPhone 15 optimizations


  • We have optimized Diablo Immortal so it can be better enjoyed on the iPhone 15.


  • Fixed an issue with the In-game Mail reporting function.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where the Cycle of Strife Prediction system would be unavailable to players.
  • Fixed an issue where Rite of Exile wouldn’t display the match MVP after the Victory or Defeat screen.
  • Fixed minor issues with Blessed Reigns.
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies in Tristram Cathedral wouldn't attack players.
  • Fixed an issue with Tristram Cathedral where players could bypass intended Dungeon progression.
  • Fixed an issue where Cycle of Strife Prediction system wouldn’t grant rewards.
  • Fixed an issue in Alley of Blood where players could enter the opposing team's starting zone.
  • Fixed an issue in Accursed Towers and Conqueror where players could capture towers after their death.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from accessing Battlegrounds if they hadn't downloaded all the game's assets.


  • Fixed an issue where players would be notified about additional rewards being available for purchase in Prodigy's Path when none were available.
30 August 2023 Diablo Immortal update


  • Fixed an issue with the Khuluul the Crooked Grin fight which prevented players from progressing in the Helliquary.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from acquiring Shadow Contracts.


  • Fixed an issue where damage over time effects were interrupting players using Bandages.
  • Fixed an issue where players could enter the Battleground without full Health.
22 August 2023 Bug Fixes - UI and Wild Brawl


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from closing the Cosmetics menu.

Wild Brawl

  • Fixed an issue where credit wouldn’t be granted for winning a round in Wild Brawl.
  • Fixed an issue with Wild Brawl where players might unexpectedly be on a team by themselves.
16 August 2023 Diablo Immortal Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the Accursed Towers where players couldn’t register to claim Towers.

Wild Brawl

  • Wild Brawl can now be played anytime during the event’s duration and runs until August 23 at 3 a.m. server time.
18 July Bug Fixes Patch Notes


  • Fixed infrequent issues with the Blood Knight’s Tendrils of Blood and Transfusion skills.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Necromancers to summon eight skeletons after completing the Vowed in Blood quest.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from entering the Crimson Plane event.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Cycle of Strife from concluding after a recent Server Merge.


  • Fixed an issue with Class Change where players would unexpectedly see details relevant to their old Class while engaging in Challenge Rifts.


  • Amended an issue where some of the Blood Knight’s visual effects were not displayed.
10 July 2023: New gameplay fixes


  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Contracts couldn’t be completed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from picking up Items that dropped from enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with the Recruit/Recall a Friend event that prevented players from completing its tasks.


  • Fixed various rubber-banding issues.

So there you have all the latest bug fixes for Diablo Immortal hotfix updates/patch notes that don't really show up in main content updates or seasonal updates. We will endeavor to update this article as soon as Blizzard releases more bug fixes across all platforms.


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