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Diablo Immortal Hell Difficulty Levels: How To Change & Requirements

We explain exactly how to change from one Hell difficulty to another in Diablo Immortal, and what the Combat Rating as well as Paragon level requirements are.
Diablo Immortal Hell Difficulty Levels: How To Change & Requirements

While many believe Diablo Immortal to be a more casual experience, and it is from level 1 to 60, things change as you enter higher Hell difficulty levels.

Some players might not even be aware that you can change Diablo Immortal's Hell difficulty levels or the requirements for doing so in terms of Paragon level and the game's Combat Rating measurement system.

If you have been living under a pile of demons for the first several seasons of Diablo Immortal, we've got you covered with a complete guide to the game's various difficulty levels and requirements.

Update on 17 February 2023: We've updated this article with the latest info on Diablo Immortal difficulty levels, alongside their Paragon and Combat Rating (CR) requirements.

Diablo Immortal Difficulty Levels - Paragon & CR Requirements

Diablo Immortal hell difficulty level how to change requirements set items paragon level combat rating CR
While you can change the difficulty level without meeting the requirements, we suggest you farm up or risk getting one-shotted by an imp. (Picture: Blizzard)

First and foremost, it is essential to note that once you hit level 60, you can change Diablo Immortal's Hell Difficulty to anything you want, from Hell I to Hell V. However, this is not recommended, as even the lowliest skeleton warriors or imps can one-shot a fresh level 60 on Hell II and above.

That's where Diablo Immortal's Hell Difficulty level soft requirements, in terms of Paragon level and Combat Rating, come into play.

Below, find the game's suggested Paragon Level and Combat Rating for changing to the next Hell difficulty level:

  • Hell I: Paragon level 1 to 60 and Combat Rating 520.
  • Hell II: Paragon level 30 to130 and Combat Rating 1220.
  • Hell III: Paragon level 80 to 210 and Combat Rating 2120.
  • Hell IV: Paragon level 150 to 300 and Combat Rating 3250.
  • Hell V: Paragon level 240 to 600 and Combat Rating 5025.

If you already meet these suggested requirements, the next section of this guide shows you exactly how to change the Hell difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal.

How To Change Diablo Immortal's Hell Difficulty Levels

Diablo Immortal hell difficulty level how to change requirements set items paragon level combat rating CR
Head to Westmarch before attempting to change the difficulty level. (Picture: Blizzard)

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to change the game's difficulty level.

  • Log into Diablo Immortal on PC or mobile.
  • Enter the game with a character of your choice.
  • On the top-right side of your screen, tap on your map.
  • With the map open, you will see a Skull icon. Tap or click on this.
  • Select the Diablo Immortal Hell difficulty level of your choosing.

There is one caveat. Players need to be in Westmarch to change the game's difficulty level. It cannot be changed while in the outside world or a dungeon.

Reasons For Change Diablo Immortal Difficulty Levels

Diablo Immortal hell difficulty level how to change requirements set items paragon level combat rating CR
Going to Hell V might not have been the best idea, as we died over and over again, and couldn't even use the loot that dropped. (Picture: Blizzard)

It's fun slaying demons with relative ease when you are of a much higher power level, so why in the High Heavens would someone change to a higher difficulty?

Well, higher-level loot drops from higher Hell difficulties. Players also get more experience and Gold, so it is a natural step to change Diablo Immortal's difficulty level one higher once you've mastered the current level.

However, the most important reason to change the difficulty level in Diablo Immortal is how set items work. Set bonuses are required for some of the game's best endgame builds, and players will need to farm two, four, and six of the same set to get all the bonuses.

The caveat is that items from the same set drop from various dungeons and different minimum Hell difficulty levels.

The best way to explain this is with an example. Let's take Shepherd's Call to Wolves as an example, perfect for the Necromancers.

Shepherd's Call to Wolves bonuses:

  • 2 of 6 Bonus - All of your summons deal 15% more damage.
  • 4 of 6 Bonus - Critical Hit Chance increase of 3% for your summons, up to a maximum of 18%. 
  • 6 of 6 Bonus - When any of your summons land a critical hit, all of your summons enter a frenzied state for 10 seconds. In this frenzied state, your summons will gain an increase in damage and attack speed by 100%. This ability will only be viable once every 40 seconds.

Shepherd's Call to Wolves item drops & difficulty:

  • Shepherd and Architech (Neck) - Tomb of Fahir (Hell II+)
  • Shepherd and Mother (Ring 1) - Mad King’s Breach (Hell IV+)
  • Shepherd and Father (Ring 2) - Forgotten Tower (Hell IV+)
  • Shepherd and Beastmaster (Hands) - Destruction’s End (Hell II+)
  • Shepherd and Begetter (Waist) - Kikuras Rapids (Hell I+)
  • Shepherd and Leader (Feet) - Temple of Namari (Hell I+)

Lastly, some of your friends might already be on a higher Hell difficulty level. You must change your difficulty level to theirs to party up with them.

That's it for Diablo Immortal's various Hell difficulties and how you can change them as your character grows in power.


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