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What is Resonance in Diablo Immortal?

This guide will go over what Resonance is in Diablo Immortal and how it fits into the Legendary gems upgrade system in the game.
What is Resonance in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal features a mechanic called Resonance that has some players confused as to how the system works and how it is related to leveling, specifically with regards to Legendary Gems. If you find yourself in this boat, you're in luck as this guide is going to give you all the details and information you need. 

We will be covering exactly what Resonance is in Diablo Immortal, and looking at how it fits into the leveling system using Legendary Gems. We will also look at the process by which you level up by increasing your Resonance and transforming your character, becoming more powerful and deadly in the game. 

What is Resonance in Diablo Immortal?

Resonance in Diablo Immortal is a late-game mechanic that, to put simply, upgrades a Legendary Gem even further once it has been awakened. So let's say a Legendary Gem gives you +10 damage to the sword you equipped it in; once it's been awakened, it will give you +20 damage, and a Resonance bonus of +5 attack speed to the sword. 

What is Resonance in Diablo Immortal Unlcok by Awakenig Legendary Gems
After a Legendary Gem has been awakened, you will gain a resonance Bonus to the Item the Gem is slotted into. (Picture: YouTube / Scrappy Academy)

Once a Legendary Gem has been awakened, you unlock the Resonance within the Gem automatically, and this Gem can then be used in a Legendary Item to increase its power i.e the sword example from earlier. So let's take a look at the process you need to follow to awaken a Legendary Gem and unlock its Resonance in Diablo Immortal. 

How to Awaken a Legendary Gem and gain Resonance in Diablo Immortal

The First step in awakening a Legendary Gem is to level it up to rank 10. From here you need to head to Vic the Master Jeweller, then you can select the Gem you wish to awaken. But before doing so, you will need an item called Dawning Echo. 

This item can be purchased for 1000 Eternal Orbs, which is an in-game purchase, but worth the price if you ask me. You can purchase 1650 Eternal Orbs for $24.99, and once you have enough to purchase the Dawning Echoe, you can awaken the Legendary Gem by speaking to Vic. 

You will notice the item the awakened Gem is slotted into changes appearance, and you receive a few buffs and cooldown negation. This will also increase your base attributes, and you can further increase them by stacking other Legendary Gems (even if they aren't awakened) onto your awakened one to receive the Socketed Bonus. 

What is Resonance in Diablo Immortal Adding More Legendary gems to add to the Resonance
You can stack normal Legendary Gems onto awakened Legendary Gems to increase the Resonance of the Gem and buffs for the item. (Picture: YouTube / GameZone GaMinG)

Lastly, you can keep pushing the Resonance of your item by adding more Legendary Gems onto it even after receiving the Socketed Bonus. Each Gem you add increases the Resonance, and the higher in rank the Legendary Gem you add, the more varied and powerful the Resonance bonus you receive will be. 

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.