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Diablo Immortal Monk Class Guide - Best Build, Skills, Paragon Tree and More

Here's our guide to building the best Monk character in Diablo Immortal, including the best skills, attributes, gems, and paragon skills.
Diablo Immortal Monk Class Guide - Best Build, Skills, Paragon Tree and More

The highly anticipated Diablo Immortal is finally out on mobile devices and PC. Unlike its predecessors, Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play title, but you can still expect a similar intricate and addictive gameplay loop and progression. 

Diablo Immortal features six different starting classes, including Barbarian, Crusader, Wizard, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, and Monk. This guide will focus on the Monk class, explaining the best set of skills, attributes, paragon skills, and more. 

Diablo Immortal Monk Build - Best Skills

monk class skills diablo immortal
The Monk is your melee/brawler class in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Monk is the melee/brawler class in Diablo Immortal. It's also pretty agile, allowing you to make quick getaways after dealing damage. If you like being up close to your enemies but do not prefer using traditional melee weapons like swords and axes, then the Monk is the class for you. 

In this guide, we will be focusing on the best Monk skills to equip in Diablo Immortals at ranks 8, 15, and 24.

Best Monk Skills for Rank 8

At Rank 8, the following are the best Monk skills for you to equip -

  • Fist of Thunder - Teleport to a nearby enemy and unleash a rapid succession of punches that each deal damage. You can teleport again after every third hit.
  • Flying Kick - Kick forward, dealing damage to enemies in your path and knocking them away. Flying Kick can rebound off walls, dealing additional damage to all nearby enemies. Maximum three charges. Players may only be affected once every 3 seconds by Flying Kick.
  • Cyclone Strike - Generate a vortex of wind that pulls in enemies and deals damage. Charging longer increases range and damage.
  • Wave Strike - Unleash a wave of energy, carrying enemies hit within it and exploding for damage to all nearby enemies at maximum range. Charging longer increases range and damage. When fully charged, the wave will also knock enemies away.
  • Seven-Sided Strike - Dash rapidly between nearby enemies, striking seven times, dealing damage each time. Additional hits on the same target deal only 50% of normal damage.

Best Monk Skill for Rank 15

Once you have reached rank 15, we recommend swapping Flying Kick with Mystic Strike. 

  • Mystic Strike - Dash forward 4.5 yards and leave a spirit behind that will return to you, pulling all enemies in its path to you and dealing damage. Maximum three charges.

Best Monk Skill for Rank 20

Once you have reached rank 20, we recommend swapping Wave Strike for Exploding Palm. 

  • Exploding Palm - Attack enemies in a direction for damage and inflict Bleeding on them for 5 seconds. Enemies that die while Bleeding will explode, damaging nearby enemies. Enemies can only be hit five times within 1 second by these explosions, and starting with explosion two and beyond, they take only 30% of normal damage. Maximum two charges.

Diablo Immortal Monk Build - Best Attributes and Gems

attributes monk class diablo immortal
Strength and Fortitude are the main attributes of the Monk class in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: Youtube - KaidGames2 / Blizzard Entertainment)

Once you have equipped the right skills, you will need proper attributes and gems to buff up those skills. For the Monk class, Strength and Fortitude are the most important attributes, and, as such, you should equip gear that increases these two attributes.

Once you have the right attributes, you will need to use gems to improvise your overall stats as you level up your Monk character. For an ideal Monk build, you must equip the Tourmaline, Topaz, and Sapphire gems, as they would provide you with increased damage, increased resistance, and increased armor penetration, respectively.

Once you have reached 60, you will want to use legendary gems on your legendary gear. Some of the starting legendary gems for Monk class are - Everlasting Torment, Berserker's eye, and Fervant Fang.

Best Diablo Immortal Monk Guide - Paragon Skills

paragon points monk class diablo immortal
We recommend investing the paragon points in the Damage and Zeal nodes of the Vanquisher tree first. (Picture: Youtube - KaidGames2 / Blizzard Entertainment)

Once you have reached level 60 with your Monk class, you will start to unlock Paragon skills. There are five Paragon skill trees: Vanquisher, Survivor, Treasure Hunter, Gladiator, and Soldier.

Every Paragon skill tree has five categories, and each time you level up, you will gain one Paragon point to equip a new skill in one of these five categories.

Like other classes, we recommend spending the first five points on your Damage node, as it will give you +75 bonus damage, and then spending your next point in the Zeal node, which would increase your attack speed for every enemy you kill.

That concludes our Monk build guide in Diablo Immortal. 

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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