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Diablo Immortal Level Progression – Five best tips to level faster

Blitz through Diablo Immortal leveling guide using these five tips to earn XP faster, level up faster and to become the most powerful character in Sanctuary.
Diablo Immortal Level Progression – Five best tips to level faster
Character level progression has been an integral component of most RPGs and MMOs, and it's no different in Diablo Immortal. As a way for players to unlock better gear and weapons to help take down even more powerful enemies and bosses, level progression has become key to the success of this action fantasy series. Blizzard refreshed this concept by adding new features and a freemium structure to make leveling more diverse. 

Diablo Immortal - Best Tips to Level Up Faster

To help you progress through the game efficiently, we've outlined five of the fastest ways to help you level up and earn XP faster in Diablo Immortal.

Progress through Campaign Mode

When starting in Diablo Immortal, its story mode is one of the early ways you can begin earning XP, thanks to several enemies and bosses you'll face that drop XP. As each region has high-ranking bosses that will drop XP rewards, you can earn more XP by completing various activities and challenges in each region.

So, before continuing to progress through the campaign, it is advised to complete the zone's activities and challenges, as this will help rank up your Codex and grant you more XP rewards and Battle Points. The Codex is divided into three categories: Achievements, Conquests, and Batte Pass, for which the latter will be discussed much later.

By hitting new levels and unlocking new zones, new activities will be available for you to complete. This will grant you access to more rewards that you can track through the in-game map.

Complete all daily Bounties

One of the best ways players can level up quite rapidly, especially when playing alone, is by accepting Bounties. As you can only take on four Bounties at a time, we advise completing all eight Bounties. While this will take plenty of time, the XP rewards are incredibly beneficial.

diablo immortal guide level progression daily bounties codex xp
Players can complete a maximum of eight daily Bounties in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - (Video Game DataBank))

While the downside to this is that you are likely fighting over Bounties with other players, this is still the best way to gain massive amounts of XP in-game. Bounties should be part of players' progression journey regardless of their drawbacks, so do invest time into them.

Utilize chain kills for bonus XP

Bonus XP is another great way to bolster your level progression by performing chain attacks against monsters. By grouping or having several monsters chase after you before using your melee or AoE attacks, an in-game multiplier increases with every attack.

Keep performing these AoE abilities to maximize the multiplier you'll earn Massacre Bonuses, granting your bonus XP. These can best be utilized in Elder Rifts as you can hit double and triple digits to increase the Massacre Bonuses you'll gain for chaining or grouping enemies and monsters.

Run Elder Rifts for Experience Globes

Speaking of Elder Rifts, these can be pretty rewarding, whether completing them with clan members or with random players. The main objective when completing an Elder Rift is to defeat various monster hordes within a limited time before a mini-boss appears. However, being on the lookout for a Blue Skull icon on the mini-map can help you gain more XP during these runs.

diablo immortal guide level progression elder rifts pve experience globes blue skull icon
Participate in Elder Rifts and look for a Blue Skull icon to defeat enemies that drop Experience Globes. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles - (Video Game DataBank))

Looking for this icon marks monsters highlighted in blue that drop Experience Globes, which grants a boost to your XP bar. However, in an Elder Rift, it makes completing the objectives much faster. Additionally, you can perform chained and AoE attacks on normal monsters for Massacre Bonuses for more XP.

Grind through the Battle Pass tiers

Blizzard offers players free Battle Pass tiers for Diablo Immortal, which is an excellent way to claim XP, but you can optimize how much XP you earn by waiting until you've reached a level gate. Additionally, completing various Battle Pass activities can earn Battle Points rewards; this will help rank up your Battle Pass as the rewards are scaled with your rank.

Wait until you've reached a level gate before claiming the points; subsequent rewards will help you progress through the Battle Pass to reach higher tiers. The Battle Pass quests can offer decent XP rewards; however, we recommend doing the Elder Rifts, Bounties, and dungeon runs like the Tomb of Fahir to maximize your XP rewards.

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