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What is potency in Diablo Immortal?

Here's a guide to help you use Potency in Diablo Immortal in order to make your own buffs more efficient.
What is potency in Diablo Immortal?
Diablo Immortal is full of different attributes that alter your character to the smallest detail, and Potency is under the umbrella of statistics within the game. However, there are main attributes and secondary attributes that are the most important when choosing the right gear.

Potency is part of the secondary line of attributes when looking at armor and equipment, among a list of others. Some of the other secondary attributes include basic ratings, defensive buffs, or even armor penetration. Out of all of these, Potency is one of the most underrated, and it has remained under the radar for some time.

What does Potency do in Diablo Immortal as an attribute?

Potency Diablo Immortal
Potency is under the secondary attributes. (Picture: YouTube / Leviathan)

As a secondary attribute, Potency is more of a passive change in your character, rather than a direct change to your main stats. Of course, most stats are passive, but these secondary stats will usually affect your character in alternative ways, such as afflicting an enemy.

Potency itself is based on improving your own buffs, which will indirectly help the overall power of your character. The main benefit is that your buffs that are applied to enemies in Diablo Immortal will last longer when you have a higher Potency stat under your secondary attributes.

This boost to the applied debuffs and buffs will not happen automatically, so the stat is not always guaranteed. Rather, it relies on the total resistance stats that an enemy might have at any given time. When an enemy has a low resistance, it won't be hard to ensure the use of the Potency stat. But that's not always the case.

If the Resistance stat on an enemy is higher than your own Potency stat, then the duration of the debuff will not be applied entirely, if at all. When this happens, debuffs on an enemy will still work, but they won't get any extra help from your secondary attributes.

Main Attributes Diablo
Main attributes will receive the most attention in Diablo. (Picture: YouTube / Leviathan)

To ensure that the Potency stat is applied in any combat scenario, you must make your own stat higher than that of the enemy resistance. When the Potency is higher than resistance, the debuff duration can nearly double, and that translates to far more damage in the long run.

Some of the debuffs that you might apply to enemies in Diablo Immortal include effects like Burn, Chill, or Stun. In PvP, the duration will be lower, but these effects become even more important. They can cause a ton of damage over time, or even wreak havoc with crowd control potential.

And that's all about Diablo Immortal Potency. For more on the game, head to our section dedicated to the latest Diablo Immortal guides, news, tips, and more.


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