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Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon: Dates, Times & Rewards

Find out what time and date the next Hungering Moon event for Diablo Immortal starts and ends, as well as the rewards players can acquire.
Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon: Dates, Times & Rewards

In Diablo Immortal, the moon's hunger cannot be satisfied, despite the best efforts of Nephalem. As a recurring Diablo Immortal event, the Hungering Moon returns, repeatedly asking for more blood.

We've got you covered if you are hyped for the next Hungering Moon event in Diablo Immortal. This article provides the start and end dates alongside the rewards players can get.

Update on 24 January 2023: The next Hungering Moon event dates and times have been updated, with the upcoming one dated for early February 2023.

Next Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon Event - Dates & Times

Diablo Immortal next new hungering moon dates times end start rewards moonslivers blessings event
Heroes of Sanctuary must once again satisfy the moon's hunger...(Picture: Blizzard)

Blizzard hypes fans up for the next Hungering Moon event in Diablo Immortal by explaining: "Despite your best efforts to sate the moon’s hunger…it confoundingly demands more blood! The moonlit path you’ll take to heed your lunar overlord’s howl for sustenance is ready to be traversed. "

Diablo Immortal players can mark their calendars and set their alarms for the next Hungering Moon weekend event with the exact start date and time, as well as the end date and time outlined below.

  • Hungering Moon starts on 2 February 2023 at 03:00 server time.
  • Hungering Moon ends on 6 February 2023 at 02:59 server time.

This is a recurring event, generally taking place once or twice each season of Diablo Immortal. It lasts only four days and is an excellent way to farm gear and get ahead.

What are Hungering Moon Blessings?

Diablo Immortal next new hungering moon dates times end start rewards moonslivers blessings event
Get those Blessings during the next Hungering Moon event and collect Moonslivers. (Picture: Blizzard)

By completing tasks during Diablo Immortal's Hungering Moon event, players will get Astrolabe Power, which they can use to draw one of two types of blessings from the Astrolabe.

Check out the two types of Hungering Moon blessings below:

  • Blessing of Magic - Bonus to Magic Find, handy for increasing your chances of receiving Rare, Magic, or Legendary items from monsters as a drop.
  • Blessing of Might - Complete any dungeon in exchange for Moonslivers, and if you complete the dungeon with a party, twice the amount of Moonslivers shall be bestowed upon you.

Players can have both Blessings active at a time. 

Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon Rewards

Diablo Immortal next new hungering moon dates times end start rewards moonslivers blessings event
You can get a bundle featuring a Legendary Crest during each Hungering Moon event. (Picture: Blizzard)

Throughout the Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon event activities, as players purge the demons of the Burning Hells via Dungeons and more, they collect Moonslivers.

These Moonslivers can be traded for "lunar-laced rewards" of a player's choosing. Rewards include Telluric Pearls, a recurring reward for all future Hungering Moon events.

Hungering Moon event rewards include:

  • Enchanted Dust
  • Glowing Shards
  • Legendary Gear
  • A bundle consisting of one Legendary Crest and more.

Remember to collect 12 Blessings during the Hungering Moon event in Diablo Immortal to get The Moon's Regard. This is a bounty of 120 bonus Moonslivers!

Visit the Hermit’s Collection located within the Hungering Moon event page to trade your Moonslivers for rewards.


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