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Diablo Immortal Wizard Class Guide - Best Build, skills, Paragon Tree, and more

Here's our guide to building the best Wizard character in Diablo Immortal, including the best skills, attributes, gems, and paragon skills.
Diablo Immortal Wizard Class Guide - Best Build, skills, Paragon Tree, and more

Diablo Immortal is the latest entry in the long-running dark fantasy action RPG series. Although a free-to-play title, Diablo Immortal, at its core, is the Diablo game long-time fans have come to love and appreciate.

Like previous Diablo games, Diablo Immortal features six unique starting classes. In this guide, we will discuss everything about the Wizard class, from the best skills, attributes, paragon skills, and more.

Diablo Immortal Best Wizard Build - Skills

wizard build diablo immortal
Wizard is your ranged/magic class in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Wizard is the mage/ranged class in Diablo Immortal in which you cast various spells and deal damage from a safe distance. In the guide, we will be focusing on the best Wizard build that you can have midway through the game. We will start from level 18 and go all the way to level 41 and beyond.

After level 18, the following are the best Wizard skills for you to equip.

  • Magic Missile - Strike an enemy for damage and gain Hardened Launch a missile of magic energy, dealing damage.
  • Scorch - Launch a flaming orb that deals damage and knocks away enemies, leaving a Burning trail that deals damage over 6 seconds.
  • Arcane Wind - Unleash a blast of wind in a direction, dealing damage and knocking away enemies. Charging longer increases range, knock away distance, and damage. Deal 50% increased damage to Burning enemies. 
  • Lightning Nova - Hurl 10 balls of lightning away from you in all directions, dealing damage as they pass outward and again as they return to your new location. Limit 6 hits per target. Hits 2 and beyond on a target deal only 30% damage. 
  • Teleport - Teleport forward. Maximum 3 charges. 

Once you have reached level 38, we recommend swapping Lightning Nova with Black Hole.

  • Black Hole - Conjures a black hole for 3 seconds at a location, which will pull in all nearby enemies and deal damage over 3 seconds. 

Once you have reached level 41, we recommend swapping Scorch for Meteor. 

  • Meteor - Summon an immense meteor that plummets from the sky, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in the impact area for 3 seconds. The ground it hits is scorched, Burning enemies for damage over 6 seconds. 

Diablo Immortal Best Wizard Build - Attributes and Gems

wizard class attributes diablo immortal
Intelligence and Fortitude are the most important attributes for Wizard class in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: Youtube - KaidGames2 / Blizzard Entertainment)

Having the right set of skills is essential, but so are the attributes. To buff up your character's abilities, you must invest in the right attributes.

 For the Wizard class, Intelligence and Fortitude are the most important attributes, and, as such, you should prioritize equipping gear that elevates your Intelligence and Fortitude attributes.

Once you have the right attributes, you will need to use gems to improvise your overall stats as you level up your Wizard character

For an ideal Wizard build, you must use the Tourmaline, Sapphire, and Topaz gems, as they would buff up your Damage, Armor Penetration, and Overall Resistance, respectively.

Diablo Immortal Best Wizard Build - Paragon Skills

paragon points wizard class diablo immortal
We recommend investing the paragon points in Damage and Zeal nodes of Vanquisher tree first. (Picture: Youtube - KaidGames2 / Blizzard Entertainment)

Once you have reached level 60 with your Wizard class, you will start to unlock Paragon skills. There are a total of five Paragon skill trees. They are (in ascending order) - Vanquisher, Survivor, Treasure Hunter, Gladiator, Soldier.

Every Paragon skill tree has five categories. Every time you will level up, you will gain one Paragon point to equip a new skill in one of these five categories.

You will start off from Vanquisher and Survivor and unlock Treasure Hunter, Gladiator, and Soldier at ranks 50, 100, and 150, respectively. We recommend spending the first five points on your Damage node, as it will give you +75 bonus damage, and then moving on to spend your next point in the Zeal node, which would increase your attack speed for every subsequent monster you kill.

That concludes our Wizard build guide for Diablo Immortal. 

For more on the game, check out our section dedicated to Diablo Immortal guides, news, leaks, and much more.


Featured image courtesy of KaidGames2 / Blizzard Entertainment.

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