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Diablo Immortal Max Level Cost - How much money would you need?

Below is everything you need to know regarding how much money you would need to reach the max level in Diablo Immortal.
Diablo Immortal Max Level Cost - How much money would you need?
With Diablo Immortal having just been released a few weeks back, players are curious as to how far they can progress through the game without paying a cent. While others wonder exactly how much money you would need to spend to reach the max level in the game, and after some research done by a YouTuber and Reddit poster recently, the number may shock you.

So below we have outlined the results of these findings to give you the most accurate prediction of how much it would cost to max out your character in Diablo Immortal. And what exactly you'll receive when spending all your hard-earned cash.

How Much Money Would You Need to reach the Max Level in Diablo Immortal?

In a recent video posted by YouTube Channel Bellular News, a Reddit thread was looked at that estimated the total cost for upgrading an end game character would total roughly north of $110,000 worth of Legendary Gems and upgrades.

The Legendary Gems are the currency players use to upgrade their character, and the amount needed cannot be obtained in any other way other than through purchases.

First, let's get some context; Players use Legendary Crests (Which cost 160 Orbs to purchase) when participating in Elder Rifts, this then gives the player a chance of the Legendary Gem dropping from the chests or "loot boxes" at the end of the Rift. The Orbs and Legendary Gems cannot be obtained during the game; said for getting a few free ones during certain times of the month and when purchasing battle passes or the Boon of Plenty.

Between leveling, gear, and Legendary Gems, the Gems are the most valuable in terms of pushing your character to higher levels and power ratings than the other methods. This means players who want to get the most out of their Diablo Immortal experience will likely have to go the payment route or play the game for roughly a decade to earn the Gems naturally by waiting.

Diablo Immortal Max Level Cost How Much Money Would You Need Start off with Collecting Legendary Gems
The first step in reaching your max Level in Diablo Immortal will cost you roughly $45k. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

The first component where players need to obtain the Legendary Gems themselves will set you back roughly $45k as stated by the Reddit thread that broke down the costs for us here: "They're a 5% drop rate, you need 100 of each +the corresponding Gem Power. If there are 8 different [Gems], that's 800 gems (assuming you'd loot an Average of 100 each) and if there are 10 at launch that's 1000 gems. 1000 would be 20,000 crests which is around $45,000.00."

After this, you will still need to upgrade the Gems themselves, and doing so requires unlocking the Resonance boards for those Gems. So once the Gem is at its maximum rating of 10 or a 40/50 Gem, to take it from 40/50 to 50/50, this requires more Orbs, and thus more money.

While we haven't seen the Resonance board for a Rank 10, 5-Star Gem yet, we can safely say, based on previews of what the 5-Star board looks like, you will need to repeat this process more than once. Making the conservative estimate by the Reddit user as follows: "In order to go from 40/50 to 50/50 on [all of] your 5 [star] gems resonating boards, you would have to spend about another $50-60,000.00."

This takes into account spending money to level up all the Legendary Gems, then unlocking each gems Resonance board, then leveling it up to its final 50/50 state. This gives us a total of over $100k for any player wishing to take their character to the extreme in Diablo Immortal, which may be an interesting number to calculate, but most players aren't happy with what this means for the future of the game.

Diablo Immortal Max Level Cost How Much Money Would You Need Totalling over $100k
The total coming up to $100k to reach max level in Diablo Immortal has some fans enraged by the high cost of simply wanting to max out your character. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Many players however have voiced their concerns over this as it has been received as predatory by Blizzard to lock off certain aspects of character progression behind this insurmountable paywall for most F2P (Free-to-Play) players. Those who want to enjoy the game and be able to take their characters to their peak without forking out tens of thousands of dollars.

The game has already been pulled from the Netherlands and Belgium for violating the countries' anti-gambling laws that forbid the mechanic of the "loot boxes" acting as rewards at the end of Rifts when players pay for the Legendary Crests. We hope this issue is balanced by Blizzard soon, as the fanbase voices their complete disgust at the idea of paying upwards of $100k just to receive the menial reward of some extra attack damage.

We would like to thank the YouTube Channel Bellular News for their full video on the details surrounding how much money you would need to reach Diablo Immortal max cost. For more content, consider subscribing to their channel.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.