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How To Get Deathless Destiny Set in Diablo Immortal

We explain how you can get the Deathless Destiny cosmetic set in Diablo Immortal via the Phantom Market, including the drop rates for each piece.
How To Get Deathless Destiny Set in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal Season 18, there's a brand-new, cross-class cosmetic item set that many heroes of Sanctuary will want to get their hands on. It is called the Deathless Destiny set, and it looks absolutely incredible.

In this guide, we explain how you can get the Deathless Destiny set in Diablo Immortal via the latest Phantom Market, how long you have to acquire it, and the drop rates/chances when spending your precious Obols.

Diablo Immortal Deathless Destiny Set: How To Get & Drop Rates

Diablo Immortal Deathless Destiny cosmetic set how to get drop rates chance phantom market obols
The Deathless Destiny cosmetic set works on all Diablo Immortal classes! (Picture: Blizzard)

There's a new Phantom Market, found via the in-game events menu in Diablo Immortal, where players can get the Deathless Destiny set. Players can draw from the Phantom Market using the Obols currency. The first draw is free, and from there, you will need to get more Obols by spending Eternal Orbs.

Luck will need to be on your side to quickly get the Deathless Destiny set, as it has the lowest drop rate/chance in the current Phantom Market item pool. Below, you can check out the drop rates for your first draw.

  • Glutted Emoji: 60.00%
  • Ancient Guardians Coral Armor Cosmetic: 15.63%
  • Ancient Guardians Vermillion Armor Cosmetic: 15.63%
  • Deathless Destiny Portal: 3.16%
  • Hidden Sun Midnight Armor Cosmetic: 1.77%
  • Ancient Guardians Coral Weapon Cosmetic: 1.14%
  • Ancient Guardians Vermillion Weapon Cosmetic: 1.14%
  • Hidden Sun Midnight Weapon Cosmetic: 0.76%
  • Deathless Destiny Ultimate: 0.63%
  • Deathless Destiny Cosmetic Set: 0.13%

Please note that the drop rates above are for the first draw in the Phantom Market. Remember, you can't get the same item twice, so the probabilities increase for each item as the item pool shrinks. After 10 draws, you will have all the items above, including Diablo Immortal's Deathless Destiny set!

When Does The Deathless Destiny Phantom Market End?

You have until 19 October 2023 at 03:00 server time before the Deathless Destiny Phantom Market event comes to an end, so don't miss out! Blizzard teases players, stating:

Death was never part of your destiny. Get your time-withered hands on the Deathless Destiny Cosmetic Set in our newest Phantom Market - Let the dark magic that forged these necrosis-warding threads breathe longevity into your spirit.

Already got the awesome Deathless Destiny set and want even more? Then check out the Diablo Immortal Season 18 Battle Pass rewards showcase below.

So there you have it, a way to get the Deathless Destiny set in Diablo Immortal via the Phantom Market, including the drop chance/rate of each item! Good luck, Nephalem, you are going to need it!


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